IEEE-SPS/Connexions Project

Change Education

Leverage the power of new technology and the high standards of the IEEE-SPS to publish your work with greater impact while at the same time changing education. Save your students money on expensive textbooks by creating custom texts that are available for free via the web and eBooks.

Connect With Peers

In addition to the benefits of peer evaluation of your content, publishing with IEEE-SPS on Connexions gains you exposure to over 2 million unique visitors every month. You’ll join a vibrant and growing community of individuals committed to excellence in signal processing, and you’ll have access to tons of excellent learning materials available in many different formats.

Do Good

Textbook prices have risen several times faster than the rate of inflation for over a decade. Open access publishing makes high-quality educational content available via the internet to anyone, anywhere, at any time, for free. You can collaborate with other authors and leaders in the field and create texts specifically customized for your courses and your students; don’t settle for generic textbooks.

Get Involved

There are many ways to participate: submit your work for publication and evaluation; volunteer to evaluate content in your area of expertise, translate content into different languages, or spread the word to others.

Everyone has the knowledge to share. Contribute a two-page module on fast convolution or AR modeling, a set of interactive simulations, a tech note on a DSP application, the notes from your short course, or your out-of-print textbook (once you’ve secured the copyright from the original publisher). Translate a module into or out of another language. Volunteer to peer evaluate contributions for the IEEE-SPS lens. Or just tell other people about this new opportunity to energize the signal processing community and knowledge base.

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Since 2007, the IEEE Signal Processing Society has worked towards its mission of expanding visibility and outreach to students, instructors, practitioners in industry, and the global developing world through high-quality open-access education. Embracing the principles of open access, the IEEE-SPS has partnered with Connexions, one of the world’s leading open education resource repositories, to develop and disseminate a critical mass of high-quality, peer-evaluated content and to make it available to anyone, anywhere, at any time, for free on the web as well as in a variety of other formats. Materials submitted to this project pass through a careful Society quality evaluation, ensuring that the content is deserving of the imprimatur of the IEEE brand for quality.

The open access movement promises to fundamentally change the way authors, instructors, and learners interact worldwide. It takes inspiration from the open source software movement – GNU Linux and Firefox, for example – mixes in the powerful communication abilities of the internet and the world wide web, and applies the result to teaching and learning materials like course notes, curricula, and textbooks.

The benefits of the collaboration for the IEEE-SPS include extending its education footprint, enhancing its global outreach, providing IEEE-SPS members new opportunities to both teach, learn, and collaborate, and enabling a new opportunity for IEEE-SPS brand recognition.