How to write a Grant Application

Grant application is usually referred to as grant proposal. It is kind of paper written with the purpose to receive costs for project funding, renovation of production or business. The main objective of grant applications is to provide enough evidence about how good your project is. You have to prove that only your project deserves funding. That is why all your ideas have to be formulated clearly using the appropriate tone and manner. In addition, every grant application must be properly organized and transparent. It helps to show that you can present and organize your thoughts.  

In some cases, you have to fill out or follow a certain form when writing a grant application. Sometimes, the grant application form can be rather loose or even unrestricted. However, in both cases the writer is supposed to use official language and proper writing style. 

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Steps of Grant Application Writing

  1. Learn how to apply for a grant and strictly follow the required procedure.
  2. You have to assess the field of competition. It will help you be sure that your proposal is a unique one.
  3. Conduct a detailed research about the grant program history and people who decided to create it. You have to be aware of persons who were the initiators of the program.  
  4. Do your best and get to know about the types of projects the committee is interested in. In case the program is not specific, find information about the previous projects that received grants. It will help you to ascertain the general policy.
  5. Form the main goal and objective for your project.
  6. Determine the importance of the grant for your project. In addition, do not forget to outline its importance for a small group or the whole society. Beneficiaries of implementation should be also presented to the committee.
  7. Possible pitfalls should be analyzed as well. You can use the following methods: PEST, SWOT, Blue Ocean, etc. it will help you create a perfect business plan.
  8. Write about yourself in brief. Two or three sentences will be enough to show that you are a good applicant. No matter whether your grant proposal is for a company, you still have to tell the committee something about yourself as they must have a clear image of the project’s author.  

How to Write a Grant Application? Main Points that Should Be Considered

  • In case you have no idea how to write a grant, it is recommended to create a checklist of what should be covered in the grant application. Do not forget to include the main reasons why you decided to apply for this grant program; specify certain goals of the project proposed by you; mention the amount of money you will probably need to implement the project; explain why this sum of money will be enough for your project; inform the committee about your background and maybe some other projects you participated in. In order to show yourself in a good light, your task is to provide committee with as much information as possible. However, all the information should be strictly related to business. It will help the committee understand that you are the perfect applicant.
  • Make a detailed evaluation of all your ideas and suggestion. Analyze how many efforts, time and resources it will take to implement your project. In addition, it is recommended not to focus only on the inputs. You have to describe and demonstrate certain advantages received after the project implementation. 
  • In case you are tasked to represent a particular company, you have to give background information regarding its values, mission and story of its creation, etc. Talk about how you decided to become a part of the company. Make sure you mention that the company’s development is important for you. It will show that you are interested in the progress of your company and dedicated to it.  
  • Describe a clear picture of how you see the company before the project and after its implementation. Talk about benefits and disadvantages. Provide a clear summary by determining main advantages this project may have. Be sure that you can answer all possible questions regarding your project.
  • Apply smart method when formulating the main objectives and goals of your project. Objectives and goals must be specific, achievable, measurable and relevant to the grand program. In case they meet the criterion, you will have high chances of receiving the grant.

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