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When you need to work on a literature review, you should get prepared for many hours of work. If you are a student, you probably know what is a literature review paper, but let’s have a closer look at this task. According to the common literature review definition, such a document aims to provide an objective evaluation of the specific literary manuscript such as a book, an article, a play, etc. If you think that this paper is similar to an ordinary summary, you are mistaken. To cope with this assignment well, you need to use your best analytical and critical thinking skills to analyze the main advantages and disadvantages of the ideas suggested by the author. When it comes to writing sophisticated academic projects such as a research paper or a dissertation, a literature review chapter allows to evaluate all the existing findings to build a theoretical framework for the study. Writing a great literature review is impossible without having sufficient writing experience, as well as a high level of preparation. To impress your professor by a responsible attitude to work, you need to show that you understand what is the manuscript about.

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Common Types of Literature Review

Argumentative Literature Review

When working on this document, the writer should suggest an argument that will be supported within the paper. Such a review is usually written on a controversial topic such as gun control or marijuana legalization. When working on this paper, you need to find several relevant academic sources and focus on the main arguments of the authors. Pay attention that you cannot base your arguments only on your own understanding of the topic but you need to support all your claims with good textual evidence.

Historical Literature Review

A historical literature review focuses on some event or incident from a historical perspective. As such, you need to find several sources describing this event and analyze them. When it comes to writing a historical literature review, you need to make sure all your arguments and claims are accurate.

Integrative Literature Review

As for the integrative form of a literature review, it should synthesize the existing literature on the specific topic combining the research findings. Such a literature review is written when there are several different approaches to solving a particular problem. This is, perhaps, the most popular form of a literature review. 

Systematic Literature Review

Such a literature review should consist of an overview of the existing data that helps find an answer to a specific research question. When working on this paper, the researcher should collect data from different credible academic sources, analyze it meticulously, and present findings in the form of a review. The primary goal of the researcher is to document the existing data deliberately, critically evaluate, and summarize the information in a scientific way. Very often, such a literature review focuses on the cause-and-effect relation. This review is widely used in clinical medicine to examine prior studies.

Methodological Literature Review

Writing a literature review on the main methods of analysis helps the researcher build a framework allowing to understand the research problem on different levels. Writing a methodological literature review requires data collection, interviewing, sampling, and other important techniques. What is more, such an approach allows highlighting the issues that should be familiar to the researcher, who is going to succeed with the study.

If you need to work on your literature review, you should clearly understand which type you are going to work with. If you know the type, make sure to find the well-written examples of literature reviews that will help you understand how your paper should be written and structured. 

Main Components of a Literature Review

  1. First, your paper should present a brief overview of the topic explaining why it needs further investigation;
  2. Second, you need to present the findings of other researchers categorizing them in accordance with their approaches;
  3. Compare and contrast the ideas expressed by the researchers in their works supporting your position with good textual evidence;
  4. Identify the opportunities for further research. 

Writing a Literature Review: A Step-by-Step Guide

Writing a literature review well may take a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless, you cannot skip any of the stages mentioned below:

  • Study the needs of your audience;
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of your topic picking only relevant and credible academic sources;
  • Prepare a good outline that will keep your ideas organized in the right order;
  • Write your literature review in a clear and comprehensive way;
  • Proofread your paper making sure it is free from any mistakes.

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How to Order a Literature Review

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