Politics Essays

Mar 31, 2020

Hitler and the Aestheticization of Politics

The aesthetic and political value is determined by the fundamental aesthetic nature. The aesthetization of politics together with the politicization of art is the potentiality inherent in historical change of human...

Apr 23, 2020

Politics in States and Communities

The advent of the Internet has changed many aspects of people’s everyday lives. It expanded the possibilities for self-education and professional development, facilitated access to information, and changed the way people communicate. However, according to various research projects, the influence of the Internet is exaggerated.

May 14, 2020

American Politics

The most critical concern of America’s political imagination is not the high rate of inequality in income and their negative effects on opportunities, but how this inequality is replicated in the system. In the USA, the flow of funds into politics by the wealthy increasingly becomes more vibrant. Wealth has great significance in the American political imagination in numerous ways (Fishel, 1997).

May 15, 2020

Presidential Debates on Foreign Policy

The recent debates have highlighted the possible changes in the foreign policy of the USA, although, the party nominees hold different positions regarding numerous issues. While the Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton, advocates the Wilsonian approach to the active engagement in the world affairs, her opponent from the Conservative party, Ronald Trump, calls for the partial, if not complete, withdrawal from the regional conflicts in accordance with the Jeffersonian approach to foreign policy.

Jun 15, 2020

The Zionist Movement and the Islamist Movements

Over the past four decades, the Middle East, also referred to as the cradle of civilization and the origin of the three predominant monotheistic religions, has been a flashpoint for religious fascism and extremism. Unfortunately, people have become used to relating radicalism with Islam to the point, where the notion that Islam is the expression of extremism par excellence has become widely accepted (Gettleman and Stuart).

Jun 18, 2020

Political Participation

The main feature of democracy is the power of the people. Every citizen has the right to vote and chose his representatives in the government. It is written in the constitutions of hundreds of countries. However such a right is often neglected by citizens of democratic states. The U.S. is not an exception since the rate of political participation is low there.