Comparative Essay Writing

Writing a Comparative Essay: Effective Strategies for Successful Writing

There are many types of essays that are assigned to check students’ progress. A comparative essay focuses on analyzing either similarities or differences of the subjects in question. It can also be referred to as compare and contrast writing. As a rule, it has to emphasize one of the two aspects (similarities or differences). It depends on you whether the paper is more like a contrast or more like a comparison essay.

Writing a comparative essay can be a challenging assignment for many students, especially when they have to simultaneously cope with the other writing tasks. Moreover, usually, a comparative essay entails some two phenomena or things that you have to compare and contrast, so be sure that you know where to begin. If you do not have the faintest idea where to start with writing a comparative essay, be sure that you can rely on the comprehensive guidelines provided by our professional writers. Find them enlisted below. Here is a detailed step-by-step manual how to write a comparative essay.

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If You Want to Learn How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay, You Need to Take the Following Steps:

  1. First, choose two or more issues you are going to discuss. You should also ascertain that they possess a number of qualities in common as well as differences they share. In such a way, you will have enough material to organize your paper.
  2. You need to draw up a detailed plan that outlines all the vital elements of your essay so that you can focus on them and keep to the point.
  3. Organize the paper in a proper way. You need to choose the structure for your comparative essay. There are two efficient ways. The first approach suggests that you concentrate on the similarities in the beginning and then move to the differences. This is a point-by-point arrangement, and it can be done in reverse order. The second approach suggests that you discuss the qualities of one issue first and then pursue with analyzing the other issue. The same qualities are usually compared when using this method, which is referred to as a block arrangement of ideas.
  4. As it can be seen from the compare and contrast essay examples, you should write an introduction when everything else is done. The introduction should end with a solid thesis statement that reveals the aim of writing and makes your argument.
  5. The body paragraphs should comply with the basic structure of the essay. It means that it should be either point-by-point or block arrangement of ideas.
  6. It is crucial to end your paper with a reasonable conclusion. Summarize all the discussed ideas and restate your thesis.
  7. To ensure you have succeeded and made no mistakes, put your paper aside for a few days and then come back to proofread it for minor errors and logical inconsistencies.

Comparative Essay Organisation

When starting to work on your paper, it is useful to check out some sample essays that will help you get a general idea of what it has to look like. In a compare and contrast essay example, you will also notice that the topics for discussion vary considerably. The writer decides on the theme that is worth to be presented in a compare contrast essay. It means that you can choose to write about anything that people might have various opinions on – nature, sports, health, science, food, hobbies, art, politics, gender issues, lifestyle, etc. However, make sure that the issues or notions that you compare or contrast belong to the same category, type, or kind and have something in common. You cannot write an essay comparing an earthquake to hosting the Olympic Games.

How to Properly Choose the Criteria of Comparison?

An effective comparison paper does not merely consist of the properly selected items of comparison and contrast but also contains properly chosen parameters and criteria of comparison. When it comes to two objects, events, persons or phenomena, you can always come up with an infinite number of comparisons if you are creative enough.

Still, successful and effective comparative writing defines the comparative parameters in terms of importance for you as a writer and of your target audience. In other words, when writing a comparative essay, you need to come up with such parameters of comparison that would make your readers interested in your paper. Therefore, it is essential to consider your target audience and also be sure that you place the comparison parameters in terms of their priority. As such, the first body paragraph should start with the most important or the most appealing aspect of comparison.

For example, if you have got an assignment to provide a comparison paper on two historical epochs, it would be recommended to compare them in terms of specific values, paradigms or worldviews.

Professional Assistance with Comparative Paper Writing

Academic paper writing may be sometimes challenging due to numerous reasons. Nowadays, with the help of different custom writing services, it is not a big problem to find a high-quality paper since you can easily order it from professional writers who have all the required skills to make sure you get a premium-quality order. Apart from custom writing help, you can also find some sample writing and also learn how to write a comparison essay. In this case, this kind of assistance will be cheaper or even free of charge and you will get the general idea about the essay structure and mode of organization. One of the biggest drawbacks of using paper samples is that many students do not merely look at the general structure but are also tempted to copy and paste some information into their own essays. Normally, such tendencies lead to poor academic performance as students are often accused of plagiarism. More so, teachers can spot when students were working on the assignments on their own and when they have used previously written comparative essay structure.

Overall, when working on a comparative paper, a student should have sufficient time for searching information, conducting a literature review, and then organizing the information in a logical and concise way. Therefore, in order not to delve too deep into each of the subjects, it is recommended to choose a few aspects, or parameters, of comparison and focus on them.

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Here Are Some Examples of Compare and Contrast Essay Topics:

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