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A critical review of an article is the type of writing that requires considerable expertise and strong analytical thinking skills and our company is the place where you can find professionals who possess both. If your college professor has assigned a review of an article or book and you are looking for article review writing guidelines and assistance, contact us.

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How to Write an Article Review

The approach to writing a review should be systematic because the writer has to evaluate the reading and highlight its main strengths and weaknesses to examine the validity of the research.

When analyzing a scholarly research, assess the validity and reliability of data and pay particular attention to such aspects of writing as completeness of the material, the choice of methodology and research design, conclusions, ethical considerations, and so on. Such approach is based on both common principles of evaluation of reading and specific methodological criteria different for each research. The latter is aimed at assessing the relevance and reliability of the study. The criteria are variable. At the same time, their development should occur in accordance with the discovery of the information that has been unknown previously as well as discovery of limitations inherent in any empirical study.

Why Do Students Have to Review Articles?

Successful completion of article review assignment is impossible if a students does not possess certain skills. The first step is creating a summary of the reading in order to highlight its major points. To do this, a student should understand the article as well as the subject and topic well. The key rule to follow when writing a summary is that you should not include irrelevant information in it. The second step is including the actual critique of the content and this critique must be impartial and be fully based on factual evidence. Additionally, students are expected to include a comprehensive evaluation of the study.

Even though professors often provide helpful article review writing tips, students frequently do not understand what the point of such assignments is. Of course, a student can order a custom written article by simply saying, “Write my article reviews’, but this approach will not help them hone their own skills. Professionally written reviews are, without a doubt, helpful because they can serve as an example of excellent work. At the same time, students should use such papers as an exercise that provides them with additional knowledge of the subject. Besides, a review written by an expert is the source of helpful writing techniques.

For many students, article critique writing is a slow and fitful struggle because they either do not have enough information on how to create a review or the assigned article is overly complicated. Another reason might be a mere lack of time. Being under constant stress and faced with busy working schedule, some students simply do not have enough energy to write another paper. In this case, the most reasonable solution is to choose reliable article review writing service and pass the writing challenge to experts. If a student also has a family to provide for, such services can be indispensable.

If any of the situations described above is familiar to you, then custom paper writing services are the best solution for you, too. Our writers can share article review writing guidelines with you and help you cope with the assignment faster. Alternatively, if you do not know how to do article review or do not have time for it, they can create a review according to your guidelines. is all about helping students deal with their paperwork and numerous assignments. Our website provides you with an opportunity to buy article review online or to find helpful guidelines and assistance if you want to cope with the task on your own.


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Many students wonder what the core purpose of an article review is. This is an important question because keeping the purpose of an article critique in mind is crucial to completing the assignment correctly. The goal of an article review is to briefly summarize the main ideas of the readings and analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Luckily, nowadays, there are some good and reliable custom paper writing companies that can provide you with a strong article critique that meets your professor’s requirements.

Every stage of the writing process should follow certain rules, which makes article critique writing somewhat challenging. Not everyone can cope with article review paper easily but this does not mean that students should give up on their grades because they can always take advantage of custom paper writing services. If you experience any troubles with your article critique assignment, contact right away! Our company is a hotbed of talent as far as academic writing is concerned. Whether you are pressed for time, have no idea how to write your paper, or simply do not want to deal with this assignment right now, contact and let our experts help you immediately.

Notice that when there is a problem, there is always a solution. We offer you a great solution to all problems associated with academic writing. Form no on, you do not have to deal with the workload at college on your own. Do not stress out because of an approaching deadline or because you are trying to juggle studies with a part-time job. We can provide you with professional assistance whenever you need it.

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Find out How to Create an Excellent Article Review

There are a lot of reasons why article review writing is not an easy assignment. First of all, this writing task is a bit ambiguous because you will never find set writing standards for this type of paper. Second reasons is confusion of the following word combinations: “research article review,” “article review,”  “journal article review,” “critique of an article,” etc. a lot of students tend to misunderstand these terms due to lack of clear explanation. It is one of the reasons why professors as well as instructors should provide their students with clear and easy to understand instructions and requirements. So, in order to write a scientific article review or any other review type, you need to have an article and follow our review writing tips. In most instances, it is it is a writing piece of formal character taken from reliable source of information. In order to create a perfect and professional review, one has to deeply understand the content, take some notes, and in some cases to check the definition of unknown terms and word combinations. In addition, it is important to make a decision on what aspects should be reviewed and develop a detailed work plan. If, for some reasons, you have doubts regarding the writing process, it is recommended to ask your professor or instructor for additional clarifications or specifications. Of course, you can ask someone, “Write my article review” or you can do it yourself.

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 Article Review: How to Write a Prime One? 

  1. Learn the requirements and instructions provided by your professor or instructor. Avoid using templates of papers found online. There is a high chance that such template is inconsistent with the type of paper you are assigned to complete.
  2. Try to be as attentive as possible while reading the chosen article. Try to write down the major points of the article and find definitions of unknown names, terms and concepts. 
  3. Find the needed information (e.g., explanations, definitions, biographies, etc.) in credible and reliable sources. They can be found on the Internet. So, you do not have to go to the library. Taken notes and structure them in a clear manner so that you could use them while writing your article review essay. Make sure that each paragraph has logical transitions and follow the required article review format. Usually APA article citation is required by professors.
  4. It is useful and even recommended to discuss the selected topic with a person who has deep knowledge of it. For example, if you are tasked to write an academic article review on medical topic, you can make a visit to a doctor or talk to a nurse about the selected topic and ask them to give you the advice. 
  5. Before writing article reviews, one of your major objectives is to collect as much information about the chosen topic as possible. You need to have enough information so that you could write a perfect and informative article review paper.
  6. Do not be lazy and make sure you spend enough time to conduct a detailed research of the selected topic.
  7. It is a common mistake to think that you will write an excellent college article review from the very first attempt. Make a draft and select the needed writing style and level that will comply with the writing instructions. Follow the requirements to the letter and perceive them as a guide on writing your academic review. You need to summarize, critique, review, analyze, interpret, assess, and/or provide an opinion regarding the article.  
  8. Make sure that the paragraphs are compiled smoothly. Provide introductory sentences at the beginning of each paragraph and concluding ones in the end respectively. It will help potential readers to clearly understand the content of your article review.

Great Article Review Topics and Ideas

Below, you will find the topics that will help you create papers that will be interesting and engaging:

  • Communication patterns that are used by men and women. Can this gap be filled somehow?
  • Ethnic music;
  • Obesity as one of the major disasters of the 21st century;
  • The importance of college education. Isn’t it compromised yet?
  • Who is deciding the fashion standards? Discuss the body positive trend;
  • Can graffiti be considered as art?
  • Explain why gender roles are changed so frequently nowadays?

Indeed, it is pretty easy to find a good article review topic. You just need to browse the web and try to understand what issues bother people in the present-day realms. If you want to learn the efficient secrets of how to choose a good topic, make sure to keep reading our guide and you will find answers to all your questions.

How to Choose the Right Topic?

If you are a successful student, who takes care of the academic reputation, most probably, you are in a constant search for good topics. How to choose the topic that will bring you a good grade? How to select the subject that would be neither too broad nor too narrow? What topic will be appealing and catchy? If you are searching for answers to these questions, then you need to know some secrets that will facilitate the process of choosing the topic. So, when selecting a topic for your paper, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The topic should perfectly fit your research interests. You won`t be able to write a paper on the topic that doesn`t seem interesting to you;
  • There should be enough research information on your topic because you will need to support your arguments with credible evidence;
  • The topic should be relevant. If you talk about the outdated issue in your essay, your audience will quickly get bored.

When picking up a topic for your paper, you need to consider the needs of your target audience. Their feedback will show if your work is satisfactory. Therefore, before you choose your topic, make sure to carry out preliminary research.

Examine the Great Sample Essays

In order to understand which topics are interesting, you need to look for the great essay examples available on the web. We assure you that you will be able to find a lot of pre-written papers on various topics. Here, at, you may find various samples created by our skilled and experienced writers and find out how to develop your topic. No matter if you need a sample of a persuasive essay, a descriptive essay, an admission essay, an article review, or a research paper, you may find it here. We assure you that under our professional supervision, you will easily boost your writing talent understanding how a great essay should be written and constructed.

pdf article review example Article Review Sample

If your professor did not provide you with a specific topic, you may try searching it online. However, pay attention that you should use the pre-written samples only for boosting your writing inspiration because by copy-pasting the whole papers or just their separate parts from the web, you will be accused of plagiarism, which will become a serious blow to your academic reputation. Remember that regardless of what topic you choose for your essay, it should be creative and authentic.

All the samples you will find on our website were written by skilled and professional academic writers. These papers meet the highest quality standards and are flawless in terms of content, structure, and format. To meet the expectations of our clients, we hire the most experienced and seasoned experts, who can successfully tackle the academic topics of different levels of complexity.

If you are going to submit a fantastic paper, keep in mind that it should not only be written on a great topic. Also, it should follow the professor`s prompt and demonstrate your hard work. Although the writing process will take much time and effort, a good grade will totally compensate them.

Buy Article Reviews from Professional Writers

Freshessay provides clients with expert assistance in academic writing. Students who find it hard to create an article review will find professional help here. Our primary aim is to help learners achieve academic success and pursue their career goals. Therefore, we offer highly qualified assistance to students and can provide them with excellent papers on any topic. The quality of our services and the amount of efforts we invest in each order have earned our company a good reputation among students.


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If you have decided to order an article review or any other paper on our website, you can simply send a message with your request to our customer support. One of our representatives will reply to you and will share the guidelines that you will help you place your first order.

Order a paper from us by completing these simple steps:

How to Order Article Review

  1. Go to and click on ‘Order’ button that you can see at the top of the page. You will be directed to a page with a form in which you have to indicate the order details. Apart from specifying the requirements to your paper, you can also share additional readings or guidelines form your professor. Your writer will use them to create a paper for you.

  2. Choose the academic level (high school, college, university, master’s, and PhD).
    Select the subject. For example, you might need a paper for you nursing class. In this case, choose ‘nursing’ in the subject field.

  3. Specify the requirements to formatting, such as the citation style you prefer, spacing, etc.

  4. If you want the writer to use additional sources to complete your paper, please indicate the number of sources to be used. In case the readings have been assigned for this class, do not forget to share them with the writer.

  5. Confirm the order and pay for it. After you do this, the order will appear on the website and a writer will be assigned. We choose writers depending on the requirements to your paper, so be sure to verify them before you place the order.

If you have some difficulties or technical problems while using our website, feel free to contact our customer support 24/7. Customer support can be reached by phone, via email, or via live chat, so choose the most convenient method. Our friendly staff will help you place your order faster so that you could receive your article review writing guidelines and your paper on time.

Article Critique vs Article Review

It is a misleading idea that there is no difference between review and critique. 

Critique Definition

It is referred to a critical evaluation. Usually an expert in a certain field of study writes a critique.  This type of writing is usually objective and technical.  

Review Definition

College review, literature review or any other type of paper review is the assessment of a certain work. They can be written by students and anyone else who aims to provide a detailed review on a particular topic. 

Keep in mind that article review is not the easiest paper type to master, so consider using the services of a professional company. Even if the task is complicated, there are experts who can help you cope with it. Place your first order on our website and take advantage of professional assistance now!

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