Find out How to Create an Excellent Article Review

There are a lot of reasons why article review writing is not an easy assignment. First of all, this writing task is a bit ambiguous because you will never find set writing standards for this type of paper. Second reasons is confusion of the following word combinations: “research article review,” “article review,”  “journal article review,” “critique of an article,” etc. a lot of students tend to misunderstand these terms due to lack of clear explanation. It is one of the reasons why professors as well as instructors should provide their students with clear and easy to understand instructions and requirements. So, in order to write a scientific article review or any other review type, you need to have an article and follow our review writing tips. In most instances, it is it is a writing piece of formal character taken from reliable source of information. In order to create a perfect and professional review, one has to deeply understand the content, take some notes, and in some cases to check the definition of unknown terms and word combinations. In addition, it is important to make a decision on what aspects should be reviewed and develop a detailed work plan. If, for some reasons, you have doubts regarding the writing process, it is recommended to ask your professor or instructor for additional clarifications or specifications. Of course, you can ask someone, “Write my article review” or you can do it yourself.

 Article Review: How to Write a Prime One? 

  1. Learn the requirements and instructions provided by your professor or instructor. Avoid using templates of papers found online. There is a high chance that such template is inconsistent with the type of paper you are assigned to complete.
  2. Try to be as attentive as possible while reading the chosen article. Try to write down the major points of the article and find definitions of unknown names, terms and concepts. 
  3. Find the needed information (e.g., explanations, definitions, biographies, etc.) in credible and reliable sources. They can be found on the Internet. So, you do not have to go to the library. Taken notes and structure them in a clear manner so that you could use them while writing your article review essay. Make sure that each paragraph has logical transitions and follow the required article review format. Usually APA article citation is required by professors.
  4. It is useful and even recommended to discuss the selected topic with a person who has deep knowledge of it. For example, if you are tasked to write an academic article review on medical topic, you can make a visit to a doctor or talk to a nurse about the selected topic and ask them to give you the advice. 
  5. Before writing article reviews, one of your major objectives is to collect as much information about the chosen topic as possible. You need to have enough information so that you could write a perfect and informative article review paper.
  6. Do not be lazy and make sure you spend enough time to conduct a detailed research of the selected topic.
  7. It is a common mistake to think that you will write an excellent college article review from the very first attempt. Make a draft and select the needed writing style and level that will comply with the writing instructions. Follow the requirements to the letter and perceive them as a guide on writing your academic review. You need to summarize, critique, review, analyze, interpret, assess, and/or provide an opinion regarding the article.  
  8. Make sure that the paragraphs are compiled smoothly. Provide introductory sentences at the beginning of each paragraph and concluding ones in the end respectively. It will help potential readers to clearly understand the content of your article review.

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Topic Selection

Choose an interesting topic. Check the textbooks or ask someone to recommend you the right topic. Choose an article published in a reliable and credible journal. 

Article Critique vs Article Review

It is a misleading idea that there is no difference between review and critique. 

Critique Definition

It is referred to a critical evaluation. Usually an expert in a certain field of study writes a critique.  This type of writing is usually objective and technical.  

Review Definition

College review, literature review or any other type of paper review is the assessment of a certain work. They can be written by students and anyone else who aims to provide a detailed review on a particular topic. 

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