Writing an article review is not an easy process primarily because of two reasons. Firstly, it is the ambiguity of these pieces of writing caused by the absence of an established standard of what should be included in them. Secondly, the interchangeability of terms “article review,” “article critique,” and “article summary” leads to misunderstandings. Such a lack of clarity results in confusion among the students, who have to accomplish the task of writing article reviews. That is why instructions of teachers or supervisors should be crystal clear and contain an explanation of what they expect to read in the assigned papers.

To enable writing a review, summary or critique, an article is provided. Usually, it is a formal piece of writing coming from a renowned source. Reviewing it requires deep understanding, notes taking, and sometimes even checking unknown words and phrases in dictionaries. Also, the writer should decide which aspects of the article to address and then develop a plan. In case of doubts about how to write an article review, additional specifications must be requested.

Steps to Write an Article Review:

  1. Examine meticulously the instructions provided by the person who assigned the task. Do not stick to the article review template that you might find on the Internet. It is highly likely to be inconsistent with what is expected to be written.
  2. Read the article attentively and jot down all the concepts, names, words or phrases that are not familiar to you in order to find out more about them or simply define.
  3. Look for necessary information (i.e., definitions, biographies, explanations) in the sources available online and/or at libraries. Take notes and organize them clearly as they will be helpful when compiling paragraphs.
  4. It is quite beneficial to discuss the topic you are writing an article review on with someone who is versed in it. For instance, if you have to discuss a certain medical issue, you could visit the doctor and ask for a piece of advice.
  5. Your aim is to gather as much material as possible. So, make sure your notes contain twice as much information as it might be necessary for actual writing.
  6. Spare enough time to do research on the topic.
  7. Do not expect to write a perfect paper at the first attempt. Start with a draft and choose a style of writing taking into consideration the instructions given. They will direct you on what to do exactly: summarize, create a critique, write a review, make the article’s analysis, interpretation, evaluation, or express opinion about the content or the manner of presenting material.
  8. Compile all paragraphs together so that they flow smoothly from one into another. Moreover, it is advisable to write the first paragraph at the end of the writing process. In such a way, you will be able to indicate precisely what your analysis is about.

Selecting a Topic

Professors generally tell the name of the article, which should be used, its author and source where to find it. Nevertheless, there are occasions when they are interested in your choice of topic and article. Thus, it is sensible to opt for the topic you are curious about. Searching for it, you may also ask someone you trust to suggest it or look through the textbook, which possibly contains suitable references. When selecting an article, make sure it is published in a trustworthy source and written by a reputable author, especially when the task is to write a journal article review. It is also crucial to check if you understand the main idea of the article and the way it is presented in terms of the style and vocabulary.

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