Why Gay Marriage Should not be Legal

May 14, 2020 in Sociology Essay

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The issue of gay marriage became highly severe in the United States during the last years. Many scientists and policymakers argue whether it is legal to acknowledge such kinds of affairs. Despite the positive attitude to gay weddings, the latter could lead to disastrous consequences for the society and culture of the US. Regardless of the religious matters, homosexual matrimony distorts and harms essential, moral, and ethical statements of the institution of marriage. Therefore, this paper will discuss the reasons that prove that gay marriage should be illegal.

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It is an undeniable fact that all humans are divided into men and women. The definition of marriage involves representatives of both sexes. Thus, when the ‘marriage’ people of the same gender enter into wedlock, it could be called the connection but not ‘the marriage’ in the traditional and common sense (Corvino & Gallagher, 2012).  It is, at least, ethically wrong and unnatural when two males or two females are wed. Hence, there are several reasons that claim the wrongness and harmfulness of such matrimony. The first statement that proves the abnormality of gay families is the unnatural essence of the affairs between individuals of the same sex. Despite the religious edition of the world's creation, evolution separated all creatures into two genders. Moreover, in the wild nature, male animals do not live with other representatives of the same sex. Only relationships between males and females are natural and right. Therefore, being the example of highly developed species people cannot marry a person of the same gender. It opposes to evolution and principles of the world order. The second reason is the issue of parenting. The regular heterosexual family provides clear division of mother’s and father’s duties with regard to the child. By contrast, gay marriage could confuse kids because they will have only one parent (Corvino & Gallagher, 2012). Therefore, such a situation deprives the offspring of having the mom or dad role model. In turn, the child will never know how it is to have a strong father and loving mother at the same time.

The third argument is the propagation of homosexual lifestyle. It is a well-known fact family is the primary institution where kids learn the standards of social roles and the value of genders. Thus, the same-sex conjugal bond, by its existence and legalization, distorts a child’s understanding of normality (Johnson & Vanderbeck, 2014). Observing fathers or mothers, young individuals treat homosexuality as common public behavior, and straight people are someone who lives in a wrong way according to the kid’s view. In addition, same-sex spouses are not able to have their own children, so they resort to adoption. Hence, it distorts the issue of procreation, the essential aim of regular marriage (Johnson & Vanderbeck, 2014). Since it is easier to adopt a baby from a Third World country, such matrimony harms the birth rate of the USA by bringing the kids from abroad. 

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Despite the issue of parenting and propagation of homosexuality, gay affairs damage the social and moral structures of the society that has been set long ago. If approved by the government, same-sex marriage makes people to believe that moral and ethical laws are outdated. In turn, it propagandizes the principle of complete permissiveness where ethical values are not needed (Stockland, 2010). It means that in the future, humankind may want to legalize and approve much worse actions such as polygamy, incest, and other nontraditional relationships. From the position of the community and taxes, citizens should not be forced to pay for maintaining relationships, which they do not believe in (Stockland, 2010). Nowadays, one could see that the propagation of homosexuality is present almost at all stages of cultural and political life. Same-sex affairs have become mainstream that excludes the morals of heterosexual liaisons. 

The last but not least reason of wrongness of gay marriage is a religious perception of the issue. The greatest religions around the globe do not recognize legitimate and sexual connections between two humans of the same sex. Hence, such matrimony violates the order of the world created by God; it denies the divine purpose of wedlock and develops the sinful way of life among humans (Fiorenza, 2011). Moreover, same-sex affairs distort the sacred doctrines and statements of the religion. Therefore, according to the discussed arguments, gay marriages should not be legalized in society.

To conclude, it is ethically wrong and unnatural when two males or two females are wed. Same-sex marriages are harmful because they pervert the natural order of the world. The homosexual spouses could confuse the child because she/he will have only a father or mother. Gay families are not able to have their own kids, so they refer to adoption. Furthermore, such a connection harms the social and moral structures of the public that have been established long ago. Additionally, any religion around the globe does not recognize legitimate and sexual affairs between two humans of the same sex.

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