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Modernity Sociology Essay

Among the variety of problems that exist in modern society, the social economic inequality may be seen as one of the most vital issues of nowadays. This question encompasses both the spheres of economic and social regulation. In other words, it deals with the essential notions presented in the social stratification. Moreover, this item highlights the basic state of things in any community, provides clarification to the statistics, and outlines the current situation of any particularity of interpersonal relationships. Thus, the article examines the main prerequisites, reasons, and causes of disparity, analyzes leading conceptions that can be applied to this research as well as describes the proportions in the United States of America.

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Social economic inequality is a continuous process of unfair distribution of evident resources due to particular race, gender, age, etc. It leads to the increasing role of a personal factor. Sometimes, such notions as income and wealth, or their deficiency, determine the position of a human in the society. Due to this fact, the lack of some goods means the minimization of your chances to self-realization in any sphere of life (For richer, for poorer 2012, October 13). Without a doubt, sociologists and economics use different approaches to assure a proper characterization of a status but in this case, both the disciplines explore the term of inequality.

According to the international law, the government has to distribute all of the public goods and recourses equally. However, it has never been that way. Because of existing privileges for some people, social powers, and improper juridical systems, the effectiveness of right regulation has been minimized recently. In this way, the visible connection between the process of distribution of the sources and distinctive features related to the special social categories has become more noticeable (Economic inequality: Its far worse than you think, 2015, March 15). Unfortunately, in the context of globalization, some peculiarities pertained to the question of an ethnic factor were not hidden or erased. In fact, they appear to be even more significant.

According to the statistics, the USA income inequality has reached the highest level in the whole world since 1928. Such a fact means that the disparity is more widespread in our country than in its democratic peers. However, the majority of Americans do not even know about such proportions. For instance, the richest people in the USA are Asians, and the poorest people of color. Moreover, the gap between these two groups is constantly growing signifying the negative influence on the economy as well as the presence of deplorable tendencies to its development (5 facts about economic inequality, 2014, January 14.) Such inequality in society may have grave consequences because unfair social treatment is considered to be one of the biggest political and economic challenges.

More specifically, such issue causes a wide range of social problems, for instance instability or massive protests. However, this side of coin stays invisible for most of people in some cases. As we belong to the particular class or group, such question remains without our attention. Nevertheless, socioeconomic status is considered as one of the most important in this issue. Obtaining a position in a hierarchical social category, the majority of people is surrounded by the proper type of relations which determines their social and sometimes even personal attitude to life.

As a rule, there are two existing classes between which the inequality exists. Their status is prescribed by the number of goods and services they can obtain (Economic inequality, 2016, January). In this way, the full characteristics of both actors are taken into consideration during the process of distribution. Consequently, such groups present different interests and goals and are distinguished from each other by a number of traits creating a piece of confrontation, etc.

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In addition, most of the societies are used to apply such division of classes as upper class, middle and lower classes. The particularity of them also relates to the question of using the goods. As the term well-being is becoming more and more essential, it leads to the intensification of the interests among major groups, encouraging the process of social confrontation in the USA.

As the racial inequality is one of the most widespread forms of disparity, necessary attention should be paid to this item as it is also an integral part of socioeconomic stability (Racial color blindness: Emergence, practice, and implications, n.d.). Due to the imbalance in the distribution of resources, racial inequality has always occupied a significant place in the inter-governmental dialogue. Such distinctions have been caused by cultural, physical, political, and economic discrimination for centuries.

As for the negative consequences that may appear because of belonging to one of the groups, some of the basic notions can be selected. For example, poverty, racial profiling and segregation along with the increase in a crime record are the most frequent tendencies in the lives of people who belong to the lower classes.

In conclusion, it is vital to outline that social-economic inequality directly refers to the issue of political instability in the whole society. Poverty was never a key to the successful functioning of a system. In fact, it causes problems and begins the new phase of a conflict. Thus, it is necessary to understand that all of us are born equal, and all of us belong not to the specific social group appointed by the status, but to the humankind in general.

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