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Modernity Sociology Essay

I have always been wondering when the capitalists would realize how destructive their system is. What amazes me is how easy they persuaded people that capitalism is the best option available. Naturally, no one would listen to me as a single opponent of such a great system. Well, it seems that the time of revelation has come. Nowadays, Americans have realized another side of the coin and finally started listening to my followers. To make it even more absurd, they now give awards to those who point to the disadvantages of capitalism. At last, I can celebrate. Finally, the United States as the world center of capitalism admitted that their system is a failure. Well, was not it so obvious from the beginning? Was not it a legal form of slavery? I believe that capitalism enslaves people but the wealthy hide it as much as they can.

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How many times have I heard that America is the land of opportunity? This country promised heaven on earth to all its visitors and newcomers. It granted equality in opportunities to everyone. Nevertheless, it all resulted in a great fail. To me, it is obvious that capitalism is not just a system based on private property. It is based on a particular type of private property and particular relations between an employer and employee. In fact, private property existed even before capitalism. However, capitalism made it absolute, the basic principle of economics and an integrate part of a market. The property has turned into the capital. Accordingly, people are measured based on their ability to increase that capital. At the same time, capital mastered the new spheres of life and turned new things into goods. As a result, free work became good. That is the principal innovation of capitalism. On the one hand, a worker is inherently free. On the other hand, he is good at the job market. The worker gives one the power over himself in exchange for the salary. Of course, this power is limited by working hours. After all, a worker sells his capability of working. Nevertheless, I am convinced that it is exploitation in its pure form.

To add even more, it is slavery. It is hard to ignore the similarities between the slave-hodling and capitalist formation. The main similarity is the scheme of the organization of production. Both a slaveholder and capitalist are the organizators of the working places. Both the slave and the proletariat come to everything ready; they just have to do their work. Both the slaveholder and capitalist are interested in the increase of positions and labor capacity. The more positions they have to offer, the more profit they will get. Needless to say, the growth of the capital does not cancel the antagonism between the interests of the worker and those of the capitalist. Even if the capital grows rapidly and the wages rise, the profit from the capital rises faster. As a result, the gap between the rich capitalists and the poor proletariat increases. So, where is the promised heaven on Earth?

As I learned recently, inequality has gone up. While it was not obvious at the beginning, it is now. They say that the split in compensation between executives and everyone else is now pronounced more and more vividly in different companies. Thus, income disparities in the overall workforce grow. They do not even pay premiums for lower-level employees anymore. Of course, they do not. Why should they pay anyone more if he agrees to work for less? The same principle works with multinational companies and offshore offices nowadays. It is more convenient to open an affiliated company in another country and pay less to those who will consider it a great salary. Alternatively, one may hire an immigrant who is willing to work for low salary. By the way, the exploitation of illegal immigrant workers is not a secret. Some of the leading companies are rumored to abuse such employees on all levels. They guarantee immigrants neither medical insurance nor days-off or a timely and fair salary. Is not it the essence of slavery as the majority understands it?

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What strikes me the most is the unwillingness of the authorities to do something about it. Even when the greatest minds of America, well-educated people, present their discoveries to Hilary Clinton or Obama administration, nothing happens. Such people like Nicholas Bloom, Steven Fazzari or Thomas Pikkety are worth praise for their work, but they are not heard, indeed. Even when the scholars say they do not know how to solve the issue, the American leaders seem to remain silent. I can clearly see why the authorities are not interested in decreasing their profits or sharing their wealth. The truth is that capitalism makes rich people wealthier while the poor become even poorer. The authorities would rather keep people thinking that capitalism is an optimal system of labor relations. Thus, they would maintain the lie of the prosperity of workers. For better or worse, lie is not the best policy, and it is not eternal. Thus, it is high time for capitalists to fight inequality under capitality and break the chains of class domination. I am convinced that one can abolish inequality between the classes by the disposal of the capitalist class and the entire system of exploitation that favors an unfair accumulation of wealth.

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