Research Proposal on Video Games

Feb 13, 2019 in Research Proposal

Research Proposal on Video Games

A. Video games affect the youth that play them regularly both positively and negatively.

  1. Video games are popular among the youth due to the fun they bring presented in the form of challenges
  2. This challenge contributes to the mental development in the form of visual and stimuli
  3. However, video games are also associated with escalating violence, mental illness and aggression.

So it is clear that video games have both positive and negative effects on the youth.

B. Video games consume a lot of time which affects the productivity and contribution of those who play them.

  1. Most games require at least two participants which demand for two people to sacrifice their time when playing
  2. This time is valuable in doing other constructive things but end up spending most of their time playing that affects the economic status.

C. Video games are very addictive, what leads to spending more time playing the games.

  1. Any addiction is not healthy and is detrimental to the welfare of the affected individual.
  2. In addition, there is a lot of violence in the majority of games which affect individuals as they spend more time playing the games.
  3. Violence presented in the games increases the level of violence among people that in some cases is attributed to certain crimes and shootings that happen in some cities.

D. Video games also have a positive effect on the youth.

  1. Video games provide a great way of killing and spending time, which otherwise could have been used to commit crimes.
  2. People enjoy playing these games when they are idle and looking for some entertainment.
  3. This makes them ideal for spending time, especially when a person intends to have fun without spending money.
  4. They also allow friends to have fun together in an engaging manner that challenges and creates a lot of excitement.

E. Video games are also associated with improvement of mental agility, reaction, special skills, and eye-hand coordination.

  1. They teach players to think fast and creatively and improve their ability to deal with challenges quickly.
  2. Players also learn how to manage time, plan and improve their logistical skills when playing these games.

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Research Proposal


Video games have gained popularity as more people buy computers, mobile phones and video consoles. As a result, the number of people in developing countries and affluent families in poor countries that spend a substantial amount of their time playing them has increased. Young people and children are the most affected because in most cases they study and as a result do not have busy lives that could limit their engagement with games. The research aims at identifying the effects of video games on the youth both positively and negatively.

Video games are an inevitable part of many modern Americans, young adults in particular. However, the appearance of the first video games dates back to 1947 (Kent). Since that time, people have developed a taste for playing video games as they bring challenges, entertainment, and escape. It has been found that video games have an effect on the lives of those who regularly play them. These effects appear to be either beneficial or harmful ones that change the society. However, despite mental and visual development in the form of stimuli and interest, video games are found to be a problem due to violence, addiction, mental illnesses and aggression. Therefore, video games have both positive and negative influences on people.

Video games may negatively influence people’s lives and even ruin them. First of all, playing video games consumes a substantial amount time. It means that less time is left for doing daily activities like cooking, cleaning, studying, working, and others. In addition, playing is addictive. Any addiction is a disease that requires treatment. One of the most negative influences of video games is aggression and violence (Anderson & Murphy). There is too much blood on the screen and people accustom to solving their problems through killing or being aggressive. Young adults copy what they see on the screen to their daily life (Bartholow & Anderson). Moreover, the consequences may be irreversible. This may have contributed to an increment in the number of crimes reported in our society. People ape what they do on the games which results to violence and deaths.

However, video games tend to have numerous positive effects on young adults. Playing games is a good entertaining and time killing activity that is less expensive and highly engaging. It is an opportunity to spend time with friends and to get new experiences through the challenges offered by the games (Granic, Lobel & Engels). Also, video games develop mental agility improving reaction, special skills, and eye-hand coordination. In addition, they teach planning, time management and logistics, as well as social benefits and improve health (‘Video Games Play May Provide Learning, Health, Social Benefits, Review Finds’). This improvement results in the ability to think quickly when little time has left and players have to make decisions and make a move. A small delay and indecision on the side of the player causes loss of points or even losing the game.

Thus, the influence of playing video games is both positive and negative based on the level of involvement with them. However, it is necessary to be attentive to the game content and care about the time spent on the game. Thus, wise use of video games will not affect the everyday life of a young adult.

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