Human Sleep and its Impact on the Productivity

Mar 7, 2019 in Research Proposal
Human Sleep Research Proposal Free Sample


This proposal is about a product that incorporates the aspect of neuroscience and sleep patterns. Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system of the body. It incorporates the study of basic biology with the chemical composition of the body, as well as the physic structure. In the study of neurons, scientists look at all the nerve supplies in the body and how these nerves function in order to relay senses to the brain. It is this process that enables people to feel the environment around them.

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During sleep time, the body operates at what is called basal metabolism. This is a mechanism, which allows the body to produce enough energy to maintain it through the period of rest. Sleep is very important. Research has shown that people who sleep comfortably have better productivity, are more active and happier in life. With this in mind, everybody should try to achieve good sleep every night. The quality of sleep is influenced by many things. Some of them include the sleeping environment, the bed, mattress and pillow that one uses. This was the basis of this research. The proposal aims at making a pillow that enhances the quality of sleep that a person gets. It also looks at including the aspect of neuroscience into this pillow. This use of technology on the household product will give the pillow a competitive advantage in the market.

Background Information

We are a group of scientists with up to 10 years of experience in neuroscience. Our team has exemplary credentials, having graduated from top universities in the world such as MIT and Cambridge, just to mention a few. We have also offered our services to a number of top institutions in the world, including the ones mentioned above. Our technological aspect has been influenced by the need to improve the quality of life. This is the driving force behind all our innovations. We have undertaken the task of combining science and technology. Over the course of our work, we have worked on over 1000 proposals, most of which were a success.

In addition to the success of our products, we have also been acknowledged by a number of institutions and publications. The greatest honor was being recognized by the United Nations. Many magazines and news papers have published articles about us. We were also voted among the top 20 revolutionists in the field of neuroscience.


This proposal seeks to develop a product that will greatly enhance the quality of life. The product in question is a pillow that allows a person to influence the course of their dreams. This proposal will hopefully convince the investor to put in his money and be a part of this innovative product.

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Statement of the Problem

Sleep is a part of everyday life. Once asleep, a person is said to be half way dead. Our product seeks to change the influence that people have over their sleep. When a person sleeps, only their subconscious mind is active. This is hence as if a person becomes unconscious for a few hours every day. This product seeks to change this. With the new pillow, a person will be able to choose what to dream about. It is well known that the contents of our dreams affect our lives. People do not like having nightmares as they sleep. This pillow will be directed towards solving this problem.

This product will create a generation of humans who are in control of all aspects of their lives. This will increase productivity and consequently, economic growth. Therefore, this project is not a selfish way of making money. It is aimed at improving the lives of all people who use the product.


Main Objective

The main objective of this project is to improve the quality of life by increasing the quality of sleep. This will of course be accomplished when a person buys the product and uses it every day.

Specific Objectives

i. To help a person choose what to include in their dreams

ii. To help a person sleep better

iii. To improve the overall quality of life for everyone who uses the product

iv. To give users a chance to learn a new language as they sleep

This project is a breakthrough in modern science. Apart from enhancing the quality of sleep, the product will go further to make sleeping time productive. The chips that will be attached to the pillow will allow a person to learn a new language while they sleep, or better still, remember everything they dream about. It will boost memory retention capabilities.

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Budget and Staffing Requirements

Our company is medium-sized, although we seek to expand in the near future. We have a total of 400 workers. This includes the scientists, who control all the activities in the company, and 30 engineers who are concerned with the technical details in production. Moreover, we will need initial investment from our investor, which we plan to pay back within a period of 5 years. We have estimated that the sales from the product will yield enough profit to ensure such a payback period. Below is our budget projection.

  • Item  -  Cost/Cash flow
  • Plant  -  10000000
  • Workers  -  10000000
  • Marketing  -  5000000
  • Insuranc  -  5000000
  • Beverly hills’ branch  -  5000000
  • Sales  -  100000000
  • Payment to investor  -  50000000

The above is a brief analysis of the money we expect to spend in the production stages together with the cash flow we expect from the sales. These estimates were given by a team of experts who looked at the most conservative prices in the market.

Investment Sources and Needs

We have pulled some money from our savings and loans, but we still need an investor to cover the balance. We aim at paying the investor back after 5 years at a reasonable interest rate. Beyond financial needs, we have covered all other grounds that are necessary for production. Our staff is adequate, and should there be additional need, our human resource team will cater to it. We have also made arrangements for all raw materials necessary for the manufacturing process.

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Our team has carried out a feasibility study and found out that there is adequate market for the product. Physical fitness has become a main concern in the world today. We hence purpose to capitalize on this and build our market base. We also have the advantage of monopoly. This product is a new invention in the market. It will be the first of its kind. Competition is little and we can set our prices at whatever level we want. After the first 5 years, we will look at market trends and make informed choices on the course of our product.


We have complete confidence in the abilities of all our team members. Our engineers are professionals and are the best in their fields. This product cannot fail. We hence ask our investors to have the same confidence in our utilization of their money. Although we cannot insure against any losses that they might face, we ask them to have the heart of venture capitalists and loan us the money. This product will greatly improve the lives of many people. Just like all our products we have ensured that the needs of consumers are our primary concern. We hope that this will help us to cultivate a healthy relationship with the consumers and maintain loyalties.

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