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Research Proposal Aromatherapy

Today, when mankind is involved in scientific and technological progress, some important problems connected with people’s psychological condition remain unsolved. Thousands of researches concerning stress release techniques have been written, but they are implemented in contemporary practice quite seldom. Despite a variety of anti-depressants, vitamins and psychologists’ offices, people do not comprehend how to manage their life due to constant stress they experience. As a result, people try to release their stress in destructive ways, which are harmful for their own health and the entire society. Alcohol use, drugs, destructive behaviors and aggression are usual ways to get free from stress, which disturbs normal life. In this paper, alternative way to manage stress – aromatherapy will be discussed. Though this ‘medicine’ has been known to mankind since times immemorial, many of those, who suffer from stress and tiredness do not realize that there is an easy and pleasant way to learn how to get free from stress.

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Before anti-depressants and other medicines that give people a feeling of rest and relaxation were invented, people have used some natural tools to manage their psychological and physical problems. Millions of aromas have surrounded people since birth: some of them are considered pleasant and effective in curing illnesses and different types of pain. Now, when alternative medicine is given a second chance and analyzed in the context of scientific approach, aromatherapy is paid more attention to. Nonetheless, some people believe that aromatherapy is useless in managing pain and remains a tool of weak medicine of ancient times. However, the ones who prefer aromas to medicines believe that sessions of aromatherapy help them to reduce stress and release from pain. The recent articles on the effects of aromatherapy as an additional tool that enhances the effectiveness of psychotherapies, massages and other procedures witness serious attitude of the scientists to the old-known aromatherapy.

This study is purposed to research clinic effects of aromatherapy as an additional and basic way of managing stress, exhausting and minor illnesses. The research contains the analysis of studies, in which the implications of aromatherapy both combined with other procedures and separately are analyzed. The objectives of given research include:

  1. To review the literature, dedicated to the implementation of therapy in contemporary psychological and physiological practices;
  2. To find out the effects of aromatherapy on people’s psychological wellbeing;
  3. To determine the impact of aromas on headache, stress condition, exhausting, annoyance and other types of pain;
  4. To compare the effects of procedures with applications of aromas to those without aromatherapy tools;
  5. To research the status of aromatherapy in contemporary medicine.

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This research is also aimed to test the hypothesis, which sounds as following: aromatherapy is an effective way to reduce stress and enhance the effectiveness of treatments and procedures. The research includes both theoretical framework and practical part. Within the theoretical part, relevant academic articles on the application of aromatherapy are studied and analyzed. The studies of previous researchers concerning aromatherapy are discussed and summarized. The practical part of this research involves an experiment, in which the hypothesis is tested. Experiments are made with a goal to study the effects of aromatherapy on people with different symptoms, starting from headache, stress and exhausting to severe traumas of muscles, treatment of which includes aromatherapy sessions. The participants, environment and outcomes of experiment are thoroughly analyzed and fixed in order to avoid biases and improper results. Recommendations concerning the most effective use of aromatherapy as well as its benefits will be given. In conclusion, the results of theoretical and practical parts of the research will be summarized with considerations of strength, limitations and need for further researches.

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