Admission System and Retention of New Students in Higher Education

31.07.2019 in Research Proposal
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This paper is a research proposal that aims to explain the importance of a school admission process in retaining students. Specifically, it concerns how high schools can retain new students by coming up with an efficient admission process. The introduction of this paper talks about the importance of a good admission system in high schools. It explains the need of developing a system that can identify the traits of students. It further explains other elements of a good admission system. Examples of these elements include an admission system that has the capability of identifying qualifications of students and programs that are of interest to the latter, providing background information. The review explains why the research is important and should be continued, and gives definitions of terms. This paper also identifies the methodology the researcher intends to use during the process of data collection. It is important to explain that the reliability of the qualitative method of data collection while undertaking this research. The paper also contains research problems and questions that will guide the researcher while carrying out the project. Three research questions and problems are identified. The work schedule determines the period within which the researcher will aims to fulfill the requirements of this research.

Keywords: admission, retention, methodology, research problem

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Admission System and Retention of New Students in Higher Education


A good admission system plays an important role in retaining students because it enables to identify their capabilities, and offer admission based on the ones. One of the best methods of identifying the academic capability of students is determining their traits. Higher educational establishments should only admit those who are willing to learn and are committed to the principles and values of the institution. It is difficult to identify these types of students, without allowing them to pass a series of tests and screening. Therefore, a good admission system will comprise tests and processes the aim of which is to screen the behavior patterns and personal traits of students. Moreover, it is not only necessary to test cognitive skills of students, but also their ability to interact with fellow students and teachers. It therefore means that a good test comprises questions that aim at testing both cognitive and social skills of a student.

The screening of student’s behavior should also form an important stage during the admission process because the institution will manage to identify students who are highly disciplined and admit them. The advantage of admitting such applicants is that they will follow the laws and regulations of the higher educational establishment. Furthermore, these students will know how to interact with their peers. These types of interactions are healthy within the educational environment, because they contribute to the development of a physically safe learning atmosphere. Students will also be emotionally safe, making it possible to retain a large number of them. Therefore, an effective guidance and admission system will help in retaining new students in higher education.


Why Research should be Continued

This research is important because the results obtained from it may influence institutions to improve their admission systems and processes (Nichols-Barrer, Gleason, Gill, & Tuttle, 2015). Improving the admission process to the level where it carters for the needs of students is important because of new elements introduced in the education system. These elements are the concepts of holistic and inclusive education (Berliner & Glass, 2014). Under the former, schools have to introduce a system that will make students grow mentally, physically and emotionally. There are high chances that a good admission system may make this a reality. It is because when students are satisfied, they will develop physically, emotionally and mentally. It is the reason higher educational institutions will manage to retain them (Zhang, 2012). Based on these facts, there is a need for further research to be carried out in this area.

Definition of Terms

The following are important terms that will be used in this research:

  1. The admission process refers to a process of enrolling new students into the educational establishment.

  2. Teachers: these are people who are responsible for imparting knowledge to students.

  3. Para teachers: These are teaching assistants.

  4. Students: Young people enrolling in the educational establishment to learn.

  5. Retaining means staying within a particular place without moving.

  6. The whole child policy is a style of teaching that concerns the cognitive, physical and emotional development of a student.

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Competence and Expertise

As a researcher, I am highly competent in handling this topic. I have extensive knowledge of issues in the field of education, and the best methods of improving its quality. Therefore, this research is easy for me to conduct.

Research Variables

Variables in this research are the admission system and its effects. The latter are a dependent variable, while the former is an independent one. By this assertion, the researcher means that the admission system has the capability of changing the manner in which students view the institution.

Research Problems and Questions

In seeking to defend the thesis of this paper, the research will aim at answering three questions touching on the admission process in the higher learning sector. The following are the questions:

  1. What is the best practice to use to admit new students to the higher learning environment?

  2. Why are these practices important?

  3. Do these processes have the capability of retaining new students?

Justification of the Research Questions

By providing an answer to the first question, the researcher will manage to identify some of the best practices that can be used for the purpose of admitting new students. This information is necessary to prove the argument contained in the thesis statement. Providing an answer to the second question is important because it will also prove the latter as true. It will confirm the fact that a good admission system has the capability of retaining new students in higher learning.


Research Methods

The method used in the research is qualitative. Under qualitative research, the researcher intends to use library sources investigation and questionnaires for the purpose of proving the thesis statement. The use of library research will be very intensive and vigorous, whereby the researcher intends to rely on journals and books (Bryman, 2012). Specific journals the researcher will rely on are EBSCO and JSTOR, which contain thousands of articles talking on education. It is important to use the right articles that talk about the admission process and their importance.

The use of books written within the last five years is also an important method the researcher intends to apply during this process (Bryman & Bell, 2015). Such modern sources should be chosen because of the changing nature of the education system. These books will therefore provide accurate information regarding the nature of the admission system in higher learning and its importance.

Another important method is the use of questionnaires. The research intends to use the latter for the purpose of collecting data. The targeted population is students. The researcher will use a random sampling technique while collecting data. It means any students will be asked to fill in the questionnaire and answer the questions contained in it.

The questionnaire will contain three simple questions, which are as follows:

  1. What is the best method that higher educational institutions can use to admit new students?

  2. Why are these techniques important?

  3. Do they have the capability of retaining new students?

Methods to Use in Analyzing Data

The method the researcher will use in analyzing data is the application of a consistency test. The latter enables to look for any consistent information and use it while coming up with the final report. Information that is not consistent will mean that it is irrelevant, and the researcher cannot use it.

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Ethical Considerations

Observance of ethics is an important issue that the researcher will have to consider. One of the ethical practices to observe is notifying the population on the aims of this research with the purpose of getting their consent. Furthermore, it is unethical to use the information collected in a different manner, as stated during the process of data collection. Acknowledging every source of information collected is another ethical issue to undertake. It will help to avoid plagiarism.

Work Schedule

Table 1

A Detailed Schedule of the Proposed Work


2 weeks

Literature Review

2 weeks


2 weeks

Conclusion and Recommendation

2 weeks

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