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Diversity is a collective compilation of values, norms, cultures, ethnicities, ideas, religions, and different people. Diversity can have various distinct definitions; however, it always includes embracing various people of different kinds in the society. Diversity aids in appreciating other genders, other races, or even other religions. Diversity is very important in college campus as it breeds a culture of learning to work in a diversified society and appreciating different people who surround us (Loes, Salisbury, & Pascarella, 2013). Diversity helps one become acquainted with actual life situation and the society in general. This paper aims to show the importance of multiculturalism and commitment to diversity in our college campuses.

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Multiculturalism is the state of having a society that is diversified both on the cultural and ethnic basis. Multiculturalism, most of the time, needs government intervention to be imposed and used for adherence to the set policies of a multicultural society. The multicultural policy should have three aspects to be successful in order to enable a diverse society (Lücke, Kostova, & Roth, 2014). These aspects include the cultural identity which allows members of any society to own and be part of individual cultural heritage that is inclusive of their native languages and religions. A multicultural policy also advocates for social justice that involves equality for all opportunities in society, which means equal treatment of everyone by removing barriers linked to places of birth, religions, ethnicity, culture or even gender (Modood, 2013). Finally, a multicultural policy needs to have an economic efficiency which ensures that the skills of all the people in the society are utilized to obtain revenue, without discrimination on any background issue.

Multiculturalism in college campus is of great importance as it creates or expands an existing state of worldliness. College is most of the time a place where people have real world interactions with others who come from diverse groups. Encouraging diversity reduces the societal segregation that is present in the actual world while at the same time promoting interaction with different people (Robinson et al., 2013). Multiculturalism is known to widen and enhance social circles as different people can expand the pool of people that they interact with and develop relationships.


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Through diversity and multiculturalism one is able to develop a successful career, since any successful performance in the workforce of today’s company requires an appreciation of the diversified groups and ability to relate with different groups of people that come from entirely different cultural backgrounds. The appreciation of diversity therefore assists students in college campuses to prepare for work in global societies. Students can appreciate that diversity in all ways of living will be present despite the profession that they will pick and decide to pursue (Loes et al., 2013). Appreciation of diversity at college campus level ensures that students  will have the same habit in the employment environment. The newly developed habits will then transform the current working systems in the professional industries that are less diversified.

Appreciating diversity and multiculturalism assists in the increased base of knowledge. It has been discovered that human beings tend to learn more from the people who are different from them rather than from those they share similarities with. Through a widened knowledge base, college students or even workers can become more productive in the respective institutions; at the same time, it leads to increased productivity among the various groups. In addition, multiculturalism has been known to aid in creative thinking. The reason is that after exposure to different people one gains knowledge on how to interact with those people and how to solve the problems in diverse thinking and considerations of the different focus groups (O’Grady, 2014). With the help of this approach, multiculturalism in college can assist students develop a wider perspective of viewing life and vantage argument points that may lead to better decisions in the future.

Multiculturalism and diversity in college campus ensure that students learn from different backgrounds and different experiences. Besides, by exchanging different insight and knowledge types, one can be able to contrast and compare the experiences and, as a result, become more self-aware. Previous experiences will help make decisions in an informed manner based on known facts and not only theoretical life approaches. Moreover, multiculturalism is also known to be a powerful tool in eliminating egocentric life views. Through diversity and embrace of multiculturalism, students in college campuses learn and appreciate that life is not only about them (Modood, 2013). Liberation of self-perspective ensures that one obtains a panoramic life view and is able to appreciate the worth of teamwork and a more complete view of the societal structure that he or she lives in.

Both multiculturalism and diversity are the main aspects of a healthy society. The first step towards a successful society breeds from college campuses where most of the workforce emanates from. Multiculturalism and diversity are in the forefront when it comes to matters of equality and society prosperity, as a person needs to appreciate others who are different and respect the fact that they are as important as he or she is. Through diversity, society is able to realize maximum potential through different kinds of people who introduce diversified ideas in order to make the society better. Students need to appreciate the role of multiculturalism in the promotion of a wider problem solutions perspective as well as the appreciation of the global society. Although most of the college campuses have embraced the art of diversity and multiculturalism in the curriculum, something needs to be done to ensure that all institutions embrace diversity. This way, the students will be experienced enough to enter this dynamic world of rapid growth and transformation.

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