The Socioeconomic Consequences of Teen Childbearing

Jun 6, 2019 in Reaction Essay

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The article “The Socioeconomic Consequences of Teen Childbearing Reconsidered” by Arline Geronimus and Sanders Korenman takes into account teen childbearing as an issue necessary for the discussion in order to evaluate the differences in socioeconomic changes inside the families facing early pregnancy. The article considers the diversity of statistical data, which has a direct relation to the issue as long as it compares the differences between individuals who fulfill their plans first and then decide to have a family. The selected topic is a complicated issue, which raise the diversity of thoughts regarding the problem. The following discussion reflects my personal point of view on the problem, after reading the article and consideration of all aspects reflected by the authors.

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First, it is important to start from criticizing the article and doubting its facts. For example, the article was written more than two decades ago. It means that statistics do not reflect the current trends and issues within the selected topic. In addition, the article is a representation of facts and figures, which formulate a flow of information without paying attention to the factors leading to the specific statistical data. Moreover, the article tends to turn attention to the economic effect of the problem; however, the authors fail to specify the effect of the problem on the economic status of the region, country, or the whole world according to the rate of teen pregnancy.

The article brought the diversity of associations to the discussed problem. For example, it is possible to relate the problem to the unemployment rate. A significant number of women, who experienced teen pregnancy and had to quit the learning process due to pregnancy, face unemployment because of lacking experience and knowledge. Education is another issue, which has a direct connection to the problem. It is obvious that it is necessary to extend the research and update the materials reflected in the article in order to make it current and appropriate for the discussion in terms of the contemporary social development. For example, it is necessary to add another table full of statistical data, including those teenage mothers who managed to bring up a child, complete the learning process, and build a successful career. In addition, it is important to add information on those mothers, who still cannot succeed in bringing sustainability and welfare to their lives. The article represents information on facts without explaining the reasons and motives of those women facing teen pregnancy. Each case is a personal story, which has its roots in different spheres. It means that it is important to conduct an in-depth research in order to have a full representation of the issue. Moreover, the authors could have applied more methods to reflect the effects of teen childbearing on the development of the society.

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Another criticizing point of the article is that the authors pay much attention to the costs of teen childbearing. The authors have a narrow view on the problem as long as they do not take into account the global influence of the issue. For example, it is possible to connect teen childbearing to the economic non-stability caused by unemployment, which, in its turn, has a negative effect on the economic development. In support of the point, it is possible to provide the reader with statistical data regarding the support of teenage families from the side of the government through healthcare and education. It is essential to mention that in the aspect of socio-economic development of the population, especially teenaged segment, it is important to remember the supply and demand of various occupations, which could fill the niche of economic prosperity. Absence of the diversity of highly qualified professionals only supports the point that there is a gap in education due to the teen childbearing.

In fact, the article is a mixture of different segments of human development. The authors try to connect the issue to the research of two different cases involving heterogeneity in the population of mothers. It means that the authors confuse two different segments, which can hardly relate to each other. Heterogeneity and socioeconomic development along with costs of teen pregnancy should have two different approaches towards the investigation of the problem. It is hardly possible to reflect these points with all its essence in a single article, which can provide a reader with full representation of the problem and its place in social development. The authors mention that despite the fact that they used three data sets in the process of completing the article and filling it with appropriate information, the article is far from making a solid conclusion. It means that there is a lack of information, which could essentially benefit the research and extend the obtained results.

The article mentions a specific area of human development – a woman’s fertility timing. It is one of the elements of the mix used by the authors aimed to discuss the selected issue. However, it is hard to relate to the biological aspect of human development, which can have a relation to the socioeconomic development of the society. In fact, there are many questions remaining unresolved after reading the article. In this reading response, it is only possible to make suggestions on further investigations in different sections, which can give an in-depth understanding of the problem worrying minds of all ages. Biology, socioeconomic development, and pure economic data can become elements of a single article. However, it is important to extend the research in order to obtain a comprehensive view on the problem with its essence and effect on the surrounding world from different spheres.

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Finally, it is possible to conclude the reading response with other issues, which raised the article in relation to the selected problem. For example, it is possible to think about the effects of teen pregnancy on families facing early childbearing. It is also possible to apply a socioeconomic approach towards the discussion of factors, which have a direct influence on the sustainable development of separate families. In addition, the first association after reading the heading of the article relates to the psychological difficulties. These difficulties, however, are caused by the financial non-stability due to the teenage years of parents. As a result, the whole set of associations leads itself to the financial nature of the problem with its consequences. Eventually, there is a direct connection to the educational sector and an overall level of education of the society, including mothers who faced early pregnancy. The article helped to remember the difficulties in teenage years and relate to the problems of mothers facing teen childbearing. Peer pressure, bullying, and other negative aspects of teenage communication come to the minds of those who think about teen pregnancy as a serious issue.

In conclusion, it is possible to claim that the selected article has a narrow representation of a real picture related to teen pregnancy. Due to the lack of an integrated research with a comprehensive nature, it is possible to mention that the article does not use its sources at the fullest in order to bring a full understanding of the problem to the reader. A critical review of the article helped to evaluate further areas of research, which will help to obtain enough information on social, biological, and economic aspects of the issue, which has a significant influence on the development of many generations along with their welfare and sustainability.

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