The Civilization Originating From Africa

May 30, 2019 in Reaction Essay

The African Origin of the Human Civilization Reaction Paper

The African Origin of the Human Civilization

The origin of human civilization was a subject of great interest to many old and modern researchers. In this context, the views of the pan-Africans theory supporters are especially interesting. Their opinions are closely related to the strongly defending positions of the originating modern civilization from Africa, which was well developed with inventions, culture, architecture, and more essential features, significant for that time.

In this paper, I will try to analyze the points of view, expressed by some researchers in a certain period of time, for supporting the position of originating the whole humanity from Africa. Some of the researchers, whose works are being analyzed, emphasize the historical backgrounds of this theory, based on the evidence from the eyewitnesses and some archeological findings, and others by documentary films express some contemporary genetic findings. Still, these approaches are under discussion and are just a part of the possible whole amount of researches in this field of study.

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It is a very interesting point of view, which is expressed by Cheikh Anta Diop. Both his interview and article “The African Origin of Civilization. Myth or Reality” is a kind of professional approach to the ideas, which are not new, but still very popular among researchers from all over the world. The way Diop describes the whole process of spreading the culture on the new lands has a great historical background. During his video interview, even the slides of the ancient African’s sculls are shown, and this proves his thoughts and ideas very clearly.

There may appear a question like: “Why Diop bases his research on the ideas of Herodotus?” It is very clear because this famous historian visited many lands, including Egypt. He saw their culture, sculptures, monumental architecture, and the kinds of pyramids. As Herodotus insists on the Negro character of Egyptians, whose land previously was a colony of Ethiopia, the culture with praising “kings as gods” and monotheistic religion of Ethiopians and Egyptians were transferred to Greece in later ages: “Greece borrowed from Egypt all the elements of her civilization, even the cult of gods, and … Egypt was the cradle of civilization”. This point of view still finds support in works by many contemporary researchers.

As for the Jews in Egypt, they could not really be the origin of civilization and were oppressed like slaves, so they had no chances to make the nation with the full rights for freedom and culture, even for the birth of many children. Undoubtedly, this was the reason why Jews escaped from Egypt, according to The Holy Bible. It is not accidental that in his article Diop presents the pictures of many pharaohs, who were blacks of different nationalities. It proves his thought, as well, that all the inhabitants of Africa had melanin in their skin. Having a skin of special color, all who lived in equatorial regions had chances to survive under the bright sun and hot temperature.

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There are some other very interesting researches in support of this theory, like the documentaries by Well Spencer and John Henrik Clarke. According to Spencer, “blood is a time machine, and we are the time travelers”. In my opinion, the genetic point of view, when applied to the findings of genetics, is not very well-grounded. As in the process of blood analysis, even very professional, some failure may occur, this point of view is not appropriate. Plus during these long ages, from ancient times till now, some gene mutations may occur that do not support the blood theory.

Again, John Henrik Clarke, similar to Dr. Cheikh, supports the theory of historically grounded ideas on the origin of human civilization. In my opinion, this theory has more chances to live long and be the background for further researches in this field.

These ideas and findings are very important nowadays. Still, they may be expanded and extended in a way of representing some new facts about the originating of the modern civilization, especially based on the archeological findings. Still in some countries, there is a lack of financing of the field of archeology, so there are some limited perspectives for archeologists. In any case, for further success in this field, it is required that there is some support from the governments for the archeologists, not only in Africa, but also in some other countries of the world, and the total ban for work of the “black” archeologists, who are just working for profit for sale the artifacts. That is why the governments of many countries of the world should prohibit their acts by criminal law.

The article, 1 interview, and 2 documentaries, which are under analysis, are just a part of the whole amount of information, which is now available on the internet in this field of study. Still, there are some gaps in the studies, which give the best background for further research in this field. Maybe, there is a chance for some young researchers to find out something else on this issue. Pan-Africans theory still has its supporters and defenders, especially among black people, who are trying to restore justice, since the world was “occupied” by the whites, by human force, or just by the forces of nature.

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