Religion and Science Reaction Paper

May 30, 2019 in Reaction Essay
religion and science reaction paper

Scientific Theories vs. Theories of Religion

Some states in the U.S.A. did not admit a new educational program of the National Academy of Science. The Boards of Education in U.S.A. could not accept both Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang theory of the Universe origin. Actually, the U.S. authorities proved that the abovementioned theories are falsifiable. Unlike the scientific theories, creation of the Universe by God must not be admitted wrong. Of course, it is easy to say that the world was created by God and explain every phenomenon by God’s will. In order to know what viewpoint is correct it is necessary to analyze each approach to the problem of what true science is and how the belief in God influence on development of humanity.

Darwinists claim that a human being came from an ape. At the same time, they could not find any bridging species from the ape to the human being. Darwinists explained it by a hypothesis of punctuated equilibrium according to which some species were developed very quickly and could not leave any fossils at all. However, scientists made major efforts to obtain such species experimenting on apes and human beings but all in vain. They could not obtain any bridging species to prove their theory. Moreover, according to their hypothesis apes should have turned into human beings. Contemporary humanity could not find any ancient form of a human. At the same time, the scientists discovered a phenomenal visual memory of apes. The animals surpass human beings in it by several folds. Apes could distinguish and remember numerals at an order that they have been seen for a split second. Nevertheless, apes could not turn into human beings.

Recently scientists have obtained a new particle with the help of the Large Hadron Collider. They called it the Scientific Revolution. The problem is whether the science could be able to create any new matter or not. From the religious point of view, both experiments on human beings and apes and discovering the new particle to create new matter are sins. As a result of a sin, human beings created AIDS. Of course, scientists did not want to admit it, and if they had observed the Bible and God’s laws, humanity would have never suffered from AIDS and other dangerous diseases. Nobody knows what experiments with the Large Hadron Collider will bring to the human civilization, but everybody knows that humanity suffers when God’s laws are neglected. Therefore, if science exists apart from religion, it will bring a catastrophe to the Universe because morality based on religion. It might cause the death of the Universe if the advancement of science would proceed without morality.

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