Reaction to the Film "Hoop Dreams"

May 30, 2019 in Reaction Essay

Reaction to the Film

In my opinion, the film Hoop Dreams is effective in addressing the life that two African-Americans, William Gates and Arthur Agee face. The film brings out a clear view of the basketball talent that Gates and Agee possess. It gives satisfactory information relating to the two teenagers including their backgrounds and the life they face while at St. Joseph High School. The film is effective because it presents the plight of these two teenagers in a transparent manner hence calling for empathy. Once people watch the documentary, they are able to understand the life Gates and Agee's face. The film is excellent in its address, not requiring further interpretation of life that the African-American teens face in a new school.

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In addition, the film is extremely motivating because of its presentation of the lives of Agee and Gates and the manner in which their families and communities support each other to boost their success in basketball. It is a motivation to individuals who feel like they should give up at some point in their lives. The film teaches individuals effective ways of ensuring their success. It motivates individuals to coordinate their efforts towards a common course, as this is the only way to achieve success. The film is also a motivation to different societies to support their families towards success, even if they face economic and social challenges because the ultimate result would be a success.

Joravsky asserts that William Gates suffers from racism. St. Joseph High School mostly consists of White students while he is an African American teenager. He experiences many problems relating to racial abuse by other students. The racism that Gates experiences at St. Joseph’s do not stop him from taking advantage of his fame to make it important in life. It acts as an encouragement and he presses on with the objective of ensuring he becomes successful at some point in his life. Despite the failure to make it to the NBA, Gates still became a senior preacher within his area hence giving back to society effectively. Racism was a frustrating experience in his life, but he could not allow it to bring him down anyway. Racial discrimination could have also played a role in his failure to make it to the NBA and the death of his brother.

In addition, he faces class problems. St. Joseph High School consists of individuals from different classes. Gates does not come from a wealthy background and experiences the problems relating to coping with individuals from a high-class orientation. It is frustrating to live in a society where one feels he is the odd one out because of the failure to fit into the level of every person within society. According to Kivisto & Rundblad, he finds it difficult to live in a community made up of the wealthy while he is in the lowest class. This does not demoralize him as he keeps on working towards achievement in his endeavors.

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One of the key solutions offered to solve these problems is the promotion of fairness within society. It is vital to note that fairness and education of the masses about the need to embrace other races is the solution to the problem of racism. This solution asserts that individuals must understand that everyone is important and has the capacity to excel in life given a chance to do so. Therefore, people must effectively receive the chance for self-determination and free expression of their interests. Racial discrimination may be frustrating and may make it difficult for one to achieve his targets within society. Racism also increases the level of animosity existing among different citizens within the country.

Another solution offered to these problems is to accord support to excellent individuals in order to eliminate the feeling that they are in the lower class. Financial and moral support would play an instrumental role in ensuring people, who are excellent in different areas press on without the feeling that they belong to the lower class in society. Providing the most of their needs would ensure that they are positive in their pursuit of the set targets. Support would ensure that they work effectively towards the achievement of their targets as eliminating the inferiority complex. Thus, effective support to talented and excellent students would boost their morale and help them work effectively without the feeling that they are in the lower class.

These solutions would be of great benefit both to excellent individuals and to the entire society. One of the key benefits is that they would boost the morale of the individual to work without any form of intimidation. Joravsky (1996) affirms that the solution to the problem relating to racism would be instrumental in ensuring that excellent individuals have the opportunity to pursue their goals without others frustrating them along the way. People would work with high morale in cases where they believe that others, within society, respect and value them. Respect emanating from other people due to the elimination of racism would ensure that the set objectives are possible to achieve without any frustration.

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Additionally, these solutions are advantageous because they would ensure the preservation and utilizing of excellence among individuals. In cases where Gates and Agee could have earned effective support, they could have effectively pursued their basketball talent to the latter. According to Kivisto & Rundblad, they could have easily made it to the NBA hence ensuring that they live their dream of playing basketball at more advanced levels. These solutions would be instrumental not to waste, but to preserve and bring up the future talent in an effective manner to the required heights. The promotion of excellence among individuals would promote the spirit of goal-realization among all individuals within a society. In fact, more talents would emerge because of the advantageous solutions put in place.

These social problems people gradually solve all over the country. The advocacy for equal rights among the human race helps to solve them. Advocates of human rights assert that all human beings are equal and deserve equal treatment. Different groups have emerged to advocate for the rights of the minority within society hence ensuring that the problems especially racism are to be solved. More so, it is necessary to solve these problems through effective education of the masses on the significance of appreciating and respecting the cultural and racial backgrounds of others. People acknowledge the fact that all people are equal, and respect would promote more harmonious living within society. Racism and class differences would lead to acrimony among individuals within the entire country. Thus, people are to shun such issues, as they are not ethical. It is crucial to solving these problems in order to promote a society that recognizes equity among all individuals. People should not lose the chance to excel because of the feeling that they are from a lower class or another race. More so, these problems need a solution in order to promote a society where all individuals receive the motivation to excel in their activities despite their origin. This would boost more development in society.

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