Reaction Paper - "The Shining"

May 14, 2019 in Reaction Essay

Reaction Paper - "The Shining"

The Shining is a horror movie, based on the homonymous book, written by Stephen King. It is a well-known fact that Stephen King is a famous sociopathic writer whose books recall opposing reactions through all over the world. From my point of view, the books of the mentioned author are hard to read and fully comprehend because they are intended to influence the reader’s subconscious fears that were implemented during life. The plot of the studied movie begins from the scene where the main character, Jack Torrance, decides to stay at the Overlook Hotel as a caretaker. After that, the scene with the main hero's wife and son unfolds some kind of supernatural talent that their son has. The rest of the movie follows the classical, for the horror movies, chain of events. Shortly after the family arrives to the hotel, they become the participants of the supernatural activities that are connected with the previous events that took place in this building. In a short period of time, Jack goes mad and begins to hunt for his wife and son. In accordance to the classic endings of the films of the same genre, the movie ends with the death of the main character, while his son and wife escape from the hotel. The picture ends with the scene where the viewer can see an old black-and-white photo of the year 1921 with hotel guests. In the middle of the crowd there is a picture of young Jack Torrance.

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In my opinion, the movies like the one above mentioned have their audience. However, the more such movies are watched, the more similar to each other they seem to be. The studied movie received a number of negative responses from a number of critiques. On the other hand, this movie is one of the most popular pictures, based on the books by Stephen King. What is more, it received a great number of positive feedbacks from people that prefer this type of genre. From my point of view, such movies like The Shining are not worth watching. In the present days, there is a vast number of films, old and new, that can provide a person with some reasons to think over his/ her life, to make some changes in personality or, at least, to laugh. In the studied move, the worst ideas of subconscious fears are exposed and implemented to the screen. In addition to exposing those fears, the reality of some particular scenes (as one where the main character breaks the doors with an axe) leaves a glimpse of nervousness after watching the movie. Frankly speaking, such type of movies is the reason for many mental illnesses that appear in the minds of people with unstable psychic. To complete the whole impression from the movie, it is worth mentioning the play of actors. From my point of view, it was awful, even taking into account the year when the picture was filmed and the actors that suited their roles. Personally, I have seen black-and white old movies, where the actors have performed a better play.

Of course, the classic horror movies will always find their audience. However, it is my opinion that such type of movies, as one that was studied, will never bear neither an idea nor a plot that would contain a really interesting mystery. While watching The Shining, I have longed to catch the main idea of the whole picture. Unfortunately, like in the books of Stephen King, there is absolutely no idea, no question of importance that was arisen and, as a consequence, nothing to discuss.

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