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Jun 6, 2019 in Reaction Essay
The Main Statements Baumeister Expressed in His Article Reaction Paper

The Main Statements Baumeister Expressed in His Article

It is difficult to agree with all the statements Baumeister expressed in his article.

It is clear that upbringing leaves a big mark on every human being. I totally agree with the statement that the behavior of an average American woman differs much from the behavior of a typical Japanese woman. However, I cannot agree with the author that all men in the selected countries would act the same, or they would succumb to the impact of the society less.

The other aspect Baumeister touched was the influence of religion on men and women. According to the well-known psychologist, women are more likely to be successful in following their celibacy and other strict non-permissive standards. I support this statement.

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Another aspect of the theory is the opinion of women about their marriage. More wives than husbands are sure that they had changed their sexual habits greatly. I do not think that this statement is true. Every man wants to seem more powerful and less flexible in comparison to a woman. An ordinary interview can give only expectable result, but it cannot show the real situation.

All the evidence the author put forward can be explained from another point of view. Male and female individuals of the most species have the same patterns of behavior. Males can fertilize many females while females can bear only a limited offspring. That is why for males, sex is a problem of possibility. At the same time, females have a problem of choice. Females are not passive, but have another role than males.

Human beings also match this theory. All the evidence the author had given proves that woman tend to abstain rather than have an active sexual life. His conclusion was that women are more likely to be influenced by external factors then men. However, he supported his claims only with the examples of situations when women’s innate drives were empowered by some outside influence. That is why I cannot agree with this theory. It seems to be contrived. The author had explained a very simple biological process in a more complicated manner.


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