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Mar 31, 2020 in Politics Essays

Politics Essay Example

The rapid development of communications technologies influenced both social and cultural life. The web-based communication allows to reach people via social media, to participate in video conferences, and to share the information with other Internet users. Without a doubt, online communication has a significant impact on the political life as well. However, politicians might currently either benefit or suffer from free access to information. Therefore, it is vital to discuss how it has changed public attitudes and political policy-making process.

Internet communication is the most popular tool for gathering information regarding different areas of human life. Not only does it involve social aspects, but it also relates to the political policy-making process bringing many advantages to politicians and average citizens. With the help of the Internet, it is much easier to understand how people react to the laws and policies and design effective strategies (Dahlgren 80). Moreover, the government is able to conduct the polls to receive feedback on future political policies. Owing to these facts, the social media has an exceptional role in the modern society. It delivers a huge opportunity to discover the thoughts of people on the political situation in the country, the level of credibility of the government, and the laws, which pass in the Congress. Hence, it is obvious that authorities should not underestimate such a powerful tool as social media if they want to address the needs of society properly. 

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The web-based communication connects people living in different parts of the country or world. Thus, it helps to reduce distance and physical barriers. For instance, the videoconferencing allows the politician to contact his electorate for clarifying the new policy that should be implemented soon. Besides, it enables activists to reach the local representatives of the government in order to discuss the governmental grants and financing (Micheletti & McFaland 103). In fact, it boosts cooperation between people who work in different fields but pursue the same goal. Thus, online communication contributes greatly to the development and implementation of both national and regional policies. It also encourages people to follow the latest political events and reforms. Furthermore, it increases the reliability level towards local and state governments.

Despite all presented advantages of the web-based communication, it could have the negative impact on the political policy-making process, as well as public attitude and opinions. Unfortunately, the main reason lies in the fact that the Internet does not guarantee the total safeness of the communication (Patrut & Patrut 65). Nowadays, there are many cases when personal information has been stolen. For example, hackers could easily send messages from the email address of the politician, and he will not be able to prove that the information was not shared by him or his office. Moreover, the social media could serve as an instrument for spreading false information connected to the political or social issues. Such a serious violation of human rights could cause severe consequences leading to protest demonstrations or public violence. 

Nowadays, the web-based communication is one of the most popular types of sharing either private or public information. Due to its speed and effectiveness, it is largely used in the political area. With the help of the Internet, the government is able to understand the reaction and attitude of the people regarding particular policies. The social media, which are the significant part of the web-based communication, allow to respond successfully to the public and their concerns. However, the online communication could bring serious drawbacks to the political campaigns. In fact, the information could be stolen by the hackers and used to manipulate politicians and their particular policies.

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