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Apr 30, 2020 in Personal Statement

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Essay 1:  Please discuss how you plan to achieve your short and long term career goals. What challenges will you face and how will you leverage your academic and professional experiences to achieve these goals?

The first and most essential thing to achieve career goals is to set them and be ready to develop and innovate. However, in order to know what should be done, to get appropriate knowledge and skills, and know how to implement them, it is necessary to get an education. The Carroll School of Management will help me to achieve my short- and long-term goals. It will prepare me to act in an unpredictable economic environment and navigate in different situations.

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As I pursued the degree in accounting and finance, I now have a more flexible career path. Therefore, I would like to get a Master’s degree to advance my financial skills. There is an increased competition in the business sphere in Hong Kong. It means that my promotion will not be easy. In addition, increased use of technology in the business world decreases the importance of an accountant.

One of my long-term career goals is to continue our family business. Moreover, I would like to open my own company. Some basic knowledge in finances may help me avoid fraud, but the Master’s degree in finance can make my future career more successful.

My short-term career goal is to get a position in a top tier company in America to receive a comprehensive experience. As a business student, I know that the most headquarters of the top tier companies are located in America. Therefore, the USA provides greater opportunities than Hong Kong.

Although Hong Kong is a famous financial center, I prefer working in the USA after graduation, as most headquarters of the world-known companies are located there. Furthermore, I find that the US market can provide me with more diverse experiences. To achieve my career goals, a good network connection is vital. Boston College has a good networking system that will assist me in finding the most suitable company.

My long-term career goal presupposes returning to Hong Kong. This is because I value and appreciate the family aspect as an integral part of my life. It would be great if I could work in the company that has a quarter in Hong Kong. My native region has a great opportunity, as it is a Special Administrative Region in China. It has the advantage of connecting the country to the international market. China is considered to be a future world market due to its industries, cheap labor and numerous business possibilities. However, the market is also new to let me demonstrate what I have learned in the USA.

The Carroll School of Management presents me with an opportunity to be ready for business, while the MFA program will equip me with the necessary skills and competencies. I am convinced that the school program fits perfectly to my career plans. I have chosen the school that can help me become a highly professional business person.

Since I am a patient and dedicated person, I will do my best to regularly work at achieving my short- and long-term career goals.

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Essay 2:  Please indicate your reasons for applying to the Carroll School of Management. What unique characteristics of the Boston College MSF Program resonate with you both personally and professionally?

I am applying to the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, as I believe it provides management education that meets the needs of the modern business world. It will help me become a good leader and professional manager.

Boston is one of the biggest financial centers in the world and the Boston College is well known for its program in corporate finance. The Carroll School of Management has a good reputation and a number of talented professors. Their work experience makes the teaching more realistic and helpful. In addition, the Carroll School of Management has a unique curriculum integrating course work, projects and experiential work in the business world.

The MSF Program’s reputation is so strong that a lot of big companies come here to recruit candidates for numerous corporate finance positions. As a business student, I understand how important a good career service is inside the college. One of the most essential factors that influence my decision to the Carroll School is a variety of part- and full-time options, designed to satisfy the needs of any student.

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I find that the Carroll School of Management at Boston College is a unique educational establishment. Its prestige is strengthened by the leadership history in education and corporate citizenship. Students have an opportunity to develop their personal and professional interests and get valuable experience through experiential learning.

The MSF Program has attracted me due to its quality content and ability to make students effective and enthusiastic in learning. It provides an excellent opportunity to get practical knowledge from the members of companies invited to share their professional skills. In addition, the program enables an executive development of students, providing them with consulting services in different aspects of financial and strategic analysis, as well as product development.

The MSF Program at Boston College meets my personal and professional needs and requirements. The program will prepare me to solve different business issues and act in an unpredictable economic environment. I am certain that education will help me get a promotion and become successful. My professional needs will be satisfied through numerous meetings, seminars, workshops, special training programs, as well as communication with business leaders and professors.

Thus, the Boston College MSF program will provide me with valuable knowledge and skills, related to the practice in the field of management, finance, and accounting. Highly professional, qualified, and devoted teachers will share their experiences and skills to help me start a career and implement my long- and short-term career goals. The education acquired at Boston College will assist me in becoming a recognized leader and take a good position in the company, and probably, later, start my own business. My future career will definitely be influenced by the curriculum options that will be effectively used throughout my future career path. I really appreciate and value the opportunity to be able to apply to the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, MSF Program, in particular.

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