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Dec 24, 2018 in Personal Statement

Transferring From University to College

Transferring From University to College

Life at Suffolk University couldn’t have been a bed of roses, as I had thought before I made an application to undertake my undergraduate studies in the university. This came to me as a shock after discovering what I had in my mind about the university was quite different from reality. I resided in Shanghai for almost fifteen years and had my primary and secondary education there. I completed my high school successfully at Shanghai High School International Division in 2009 and achieved a remarkable pass mark. Therefore, I decided to join Suffolk University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business management.

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The university is famous for its scholarly achievements and this was one of the driving forces that triggered me to enter such a prestigious university. To my surprise, my application was approved. I couldn’t imagine a life better than joining the university. I study at the university for two years by now.

After thorough brainstorming in accordance to my grades in my high school, I qualified to be admitted to business management as a major degree. My ultimate decision of my lifetime professional course aligned with my academic qualifications. I joined the university in 2011. The duration of my degree program is four years.

Having been in the University for almost two years now, life isn’t easy as I expected. Though being a junior undergraduate in Suffolk University, life has proved to be really challenging to me, both academically and generally unbearable. The economic conditions of the university are very harsh, making life too expensive for a student to survive. With life becoming too hard for me to survive in Suffolk University, I have decided to transfer to Bay State College.

Academically, the studies in the university didn’t prove to be of the claimed quality in line with the fame of Suffolk University. Studies aren’t as serious I thought. Prior to joining the university, I expected that seriousness flows all through the academic activities of the university. Things proved to be otherwise with lectures, missing lectures almost half the package per week. This caught me at a loss, considering the large amount of fees required to pay prior to joining the university.

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I have never dreamed of becoming a failure in academics in my lifetime. I also value standards and quality in academics. Conditions in the university have been made worse with a large number of students in one class. On a lecture of business management, overflowing with more than six hundred students, life has been quite hectic. To secure a space in such a class is quite difficult, not leaving behind the chances of ensuring an active interaction session between the students and the lecturer.

My grades over time for those two years have proved to be degrading. No much success has been to my side with my efforts bearing deteriorating grades each semester. Much to my surprise, I have been failing in most exams. Those academic challenges have resulted to my declining performance and that’s why I have decided to consolidate on a viable course of action, otherwise, my academic life is doomed.

I have decided to transfer to Bay State College. I have made viable inquiries about the college. Most of my high school friends joined the college and their academic life hasn’t proved to be terrible like mine. I want to change the university in order to experience a positive change in my academic environment and to achieve my academic goal with improved understanding.

I am eager to complete my undergraduate degree as soon as possible and be back in my home country, Taiwan to pursue my future career in business management and enterprise.

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