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Aug 10, 2020 in Personal Statement

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I have always had an interest in the media and the science of sociology. Everything that relates to media world has always fascinated me and most of the time growing up I found myself imitating famous media personalities. Since then I have always known that I wanted to do media and sociology related studies to understand how people behave individually and in groups. Media and sociology have a close relation. A media person is in constant conversations with individuals and groups of people; hence, it is important to understand their behavior and relationships. Being a media personality, a host of a talk show, or even heading a major media house has since been my career-long dream. I am planning to start from the lowest entry level in media houses and climb the career ladder to the top. Media personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, as well as the BBCs director general Tony Hall and BBCs television executive Danny Cogen, have been a great inspiration to me. I have always admired them for the work they do in the media.

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In the high school, I joined the media club where I was the chairperson. Under my leadership, the group undertook projects that made their way to the mainstream media. I received awards and recognition on behalf of the media club. I also graduated top of my high school class in media related subjects and English. In addition to that, I am also proficient in Spanish and German which I learned while preparing for becoming a competitive media personality. As reporting and broadcasting are my dream, I also have a huge interest in camera work, video editing, and photography. Most photographs I have in my collection that represent my camera interest revolve around people, their relationships, and the way they organize themselves in groups. I have also been reading several books and publications in media and sociology. I am almost through with the famous Max Webers publication The Sociology of Religion. The book has strong views on how societies organize themselves behind religion. Although it is not related to the media, it is a good eye opener regarding the way groups of people with a common goal behave. I have also read the Sage Publications Media and Society to familiarize myself with the responsibilities of media to the society. The journal discusses a wide range of topics from the economy, sociology, media and communication, and anthropology, among others. Furthermore, it tries to draw a clear line between theory and practice.

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In my high school media club projects, I have started to shoot a documentary on people in my locality. I would like to finish this project and air it in the media. The documentary making was a learning process. I understood what it means to work together as a group and to achieve exemplary results in constructive teamwork. I also learned and sharpened my leadership and social skills, which are important traits that every media personality should have. Other than the high school project I have also involved in a social project where the local authorities wanted the young people to showcase their talents and skills. Although I was not a contender in the process, I was engaged in shooting, compiling, and documenting an event. The event gave me a sense of accomplishment, and after it was aired in the local media, I could not help but realize how much media related activities and peoples social relations intrigued me. Both projects had one thing in common; they helped me realize social problems which people in my locality faced. Studying media and sociology can be the first step towards trying to address these issues. Media are a powerful tool that when used positively can drive change.

Apart from the projects highlighted above, I have also been engaged in other activities in my local church. I am responsible for projecting song lyrics on the walls for the congregation to sing along. Although the project does not fall directly under media and sociology category, it helps me improve directing skills for a newscast. It is a voluntary activity that I do to help my church members know the lyrics of the songs sung in the church. At one time I also engaged in a music video production process. Although I did not take the lead role in the project, the experience I gained while watching professionals do it and assisting in minor activities was immense. My former high school also invites me to assist with media club and give guidance and advice to current students. Although I have no training in media, I did a good job as a chairperson of the media club and left a lasting impression. It is always a humbling experience when I am called back to guide and assist students in cultivating their interest in the media and sociology.

Overall, I want to study media and sociology studies to advance work that I have already started. I want to achieve and quench the passion that burns deep inside of me to be a media person. I also wish to make a solve social problems that challenge the society through media. I, however, anticipate facing challenges in the university such as competition from other like-minded and self-driven individuals.

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