Graduate Business Degree and Its Advantages

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The following piece of writing contains a brief description of the graduate business degree and narrates about all the positive and negative aspects concerning the work in this sphere. In comparison to many other spheres, the economics is one of the most difficult spheres. A person has to be extremely cautious dealing with finances and calculating everything, i.e. income, losses, expenditures and other things that he might encounter while working as a businessman, an accountant or a specialist in the field of economics or as a general advisor. However, working with finances involves a great deal of stresses and anxiety apart from making good money and growing professionally. Taking into account this issue, the person has to be twice more alert spending a lot of time at work and not resting properly at home. Combing the right sleep, proper working hours and a healthy eating plan, the person soon makes the career and becomes a professional in any sphere of work, not only at economics. This is one of major things the one has got to consider dealing with the choice of selecting a suitable degree for the one’s professional future career. 

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1. Explain the reasons that led people to get a graduate business level.

The world changes every day. Professions and occupations that used to be popular and famous many years ago become obsolete and disappear. A new era brings different areas and spheres for the one’s career. A lot of individuals nowadays are focused on the financial outcome of the professions that they choose. Methodology, Sociology, Fine Arts, Education, Religious Studies/Theology, Hospitality/Tourism, Nutrition, Psychology and Communication are the brightest examples of the spheres where an individual is not fortunate and that do not bring a good outcome. Unlike all the occupations mentioned in this long list, one can mention the IT and business degree. Though the higher education does not necessarily mean the success and fortune, one could say that having the great knowledge in economics and being able to use it on an everyday basis makes the person broad-minded and allows him to become successful in life.

Taking into account the fact that economics is a difficult subject, one has to bear in mind that he is to cope with some serious issues while studying at college. Unlike science and humanities, the economics is considered to be a part of social science or social studies as many professional experts like to refer to it.

Willing to become a manager of a big company or firm, the person selects the degree in business administration or economics. In some cases, it does not work out when the person finishes the university. Still people succeed in the sphere later on in life. When it is not possible to become a financial administrator or a manager, the person goes for teaching economics on a college level; and this makes his career. Many individuals strive to obtain an accounting and financial position which would allow them to utilize their skills and offer opportunities for the career advancement. Possessing a good knowledge in economics, one can predict some nearest future events in the world and be aware of the entire financial crisis, defaults, inflation and other similar events.

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2. List the upper three criteria in the choice of business schools and why Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business is meeting the expectations.

Choosing a school to enter, a person has to consider the cost of courses and tuition, the level of knowledge one obtains at school and possible chances to find a better job with the degree from the university.

Taking into account the long history of the university, one could say that the staff obviously has worked out the best program and majors that an individual might be willing to take up in the nearest future. Providing a long list of courses, the college’s administration allows students to choose the classes to their conveniences. This way an individual is provided with the choice of classes he might find interesting. 

The school has a long history. It was founded in 1919. With its history, the university can provide examples of many individuals’ successful stories and narrations how the university helped them in life and what it gave these people. This is one of the criteria why the university is better than other schools. 

With its convenient schedules, its perfect lessons planning and wonderful conditions to study, Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business is meeting all of the required expectations and deserves to be called one of the best schools in the region. This explains the reason why so many high school graduates enter this school and become great professionals later in their life. Notwithstanding that the learning process is difficult at times, many Baruch College School of Business graduates are happy with their degree and find working in their favorite sphere fascinating.

3. Explain the reasons that triggered people to select their recent work position.

In many cases, individuals tend to obtain a degree in accounting and financial position which will allow them to improve their skills and contribute to the further development of various skills in the level of work. Holding a bachelor’s degree and being interested in accountancy, a person might find himself studying economics and using it in the nearest future on an everyday basis. The fields of work in the world of business are closely connected to each other. Most areas in this line of work depend on each other. Working in the sphere of accountancy, one may find one day that he is interested in becoming a manager or a director of a big company or a firm.

If a person is good at math, he may take up the certain advancement placement classes while still at high school and then go for a degree in accountancy, business administration or mathematics. However, accountancy is the most preferable degree. Having mastered the accountancy, the person learns how to deal with numbers, calculate sums of finance and predict the outcome of the sum invested in products.

Apart from everything described above, being a great economist allows the person to plan his expenditures. This way, the person becomes able to plan his life ahead and be able to tell in advance whether he will go on vacation, work or buy a house. Holding the degree in business administration allows a person to be experienced in the field of economics and reasonably calculate his expenditures in everyday life.   

4. Describe the most complicated and challenging issue that the person has faced professionally. 

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5. What are the top three reasons the person has been successful in his career, thus, far? 

The most difficult and challenging situations professionals face in their work and career is stress. Though many individuals are used to stresses and resistant to them, being an economist, a manager, an accountant or a businessman involves dealing with the heavy workload on an everyday basis. Stress accounts for the workers’ sleep deprivation, anxiety, obesity and tiredness. The activities described above mainly concern filling out long forms, designing charts, signing contracts and planning your work in accordance with the schedule. Analyzing the work of an economist from a different perspective, one could say that it is quite profitable and useful in the everyday life. Accountants make a lot. This allows them to make a good career, flourish and become prosperous.

The top three reasons why specialists become successful in their career is diligence, good relationships with other people and the perfect intuition. The latter one concerns most people that deal with economics on a daily basis. Even private entrepreneurs often go bankrupt and lose all their money because of the insufficient planning and poor investments. Being a businessman means handling all these things carefully. One has got to be professional dealing with finance. Unlike other spheres of work, the economics requires careful planning, a good eye and people’s skills. Mastering all these three things means making an excellent businessman in the future. One is to work over oneself in order to become a good specialist. It does not matter what line of work this person is going to choose for his future as his future career.          

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