Financial Engineering Personal Statement

Apr 11, 2019 in Personal Statement
Financial Engineering Personal Statement


I always wanted to explore financial engineering field. I had a clear vision of my future after receiving education. I was pursuing a professional career, and it was always connected with financial sphere. I am accountable and exact person and like to organize things and control their effective performance. At the same time, I am a creative thinker and apply knowledge and interest in the numbers to achievement of various goals. I have a rich professional experience in the sphere since I have worked as an accountant and financial analyst, and these jobs only strengthened my skills. My work experience and education are directly connected to the selected degree. I am familiar with various accounting tools and programs, am able to work in teams and adapt quickly to the new technological and financial innovations. Besides, I have an international experience and am fluent in French and English. Therefore, I can use this knowledge while getting the degree because it is a great asset in combination with my professional qualities and work experience.

Additional Information

I have already worked as a financial analyst. In combination with previous education, it serves as a good background and experience to be ready for the education I am looking for. I would also like to add that I have many valuable ideas I want to turn into real business later on, which would be sustainable and beneficial for society. However, at the same time, it provides me with an opportunity to use my professional skills in practice for greater goal. I am very motivated because I had various opportunities to rethink my life choices and decisions, as well as numerous mistakes on my way. I realized that the chosen sphere tends to be perfect for me. Therefore, my eagerness makes me an ideal candidate because it triggers me to work as hard as possible and enables me to use the skills I already have in order to obtain the knowledge I seek. That is what makes me unique and so interested in continuing my education.

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