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FDA Fellowship Program Personal Statement

Since the times when I was a child, my parents have always been teaching me that the selection of a future profession will have a strong impact on my whole life. Actually, this idea has become one of my life principles because I am sure that it is senseless to divide professional interests with personal ones. Moreover, I think that people who are really in love with their own occupation have no hobbies or only those that are somehow connected with the primary life interest that is also a professional one. That is why I was searching for a major that will both capture all my attention, be a source of income for living and bring benefits for the development of society.

During my school years, I was looking for a subject that opens wide horizons for cognition and is vitally significant among other sciences. Physics became such a subject for me, and it determined my life. At the moment, I am an ambitious physician who gave a lot of time for obtaining necessary skills and knowledge for my future. I am really interested in various researches in this field, but I can admit that theoretical knowledge is not enough. I need the development of my practical skills, based on the theoretical knowledge I have. Since the moment I received an MD degree, I took part in few research projects, though I found them to be unstructured despite the availability of all the needed funds. Hearing about this program was like a breath of fresh air to me. I am eager to be a part of some research project that can impact millions of lives and give me a possibility to learn the proper research methodology at the same time. The fellowship program at FDA would be a perfect chance for me to follow both of these goals.

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Apart from physics, I got the passion to the public service because almost every member of my family, including my father, was a part of it. Family’s engagement gave me a chance to understand that working in the sphere of public service requires productivity from us despite the scarce resources. Sometimes I try to imagine how many lives can be influenced by some or other decision of people who work in this sphere, especially in the department of Food and Drugs Administration. Health and welfare of the whole nation depend on how various specialists execute their duties. That is why I think that it is one of the fields where employees should be extremely hard-working and attentive to details. I am sure that this description suits me. Except this, I have the ability to learn things and adapt to different conditions quickly. I think I am ready for new researches and open for new challenges, and I am looking forward to taking part in valuable researches that this fellowship program at FDA can bring to my life.

Taking all the above mentioned information into consideration, I would like to summarize that this fellowship program is essential for me. It would open a path for my professional growth and let me bring some improvements into social life, owing to new knowledge about research methodology I would obtain. Currently, I see necessary changes that should be implemented into social reality, and I believe that I can be a person who will implement them if I become a part of the fellowship program at FDA.

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