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30.04.2020 in Personal Statement
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It is senseless to dispute the fact that education is one of the main aspects in life of any person. Everyone learns something all his/her life. The more educated a person is, the easier it is for him/her to understand the world around him/her and solve the problems that arise in his/her life. If a person has a high level of education, he/she can apply his/her knowledge and skills in practice using a variety of information resources. I believe that an educated person has more opportunities to receive a well-paying and promising job since such people can easily learn new things and make maximum use of their knowledge.

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It is always interesting to talk and communicate with an educated individual since he/she is sociable and has a wide circle of friends and business associates. For me, education is the road to a future full of career, professional, and financial prospects. It is a way to find myself and understand who I am and what I can do; it is a way to become a successful and respected person. I want to be useful not only to myself but also to the society in which I live. I can do it with the help of education, which I hope to receive in the college at the University of Washington that is famous for its professional teachers and diligent students. I have already chosen the discipline, which I want to devote most of my study to, and it is Economics.

As far as I remember, I have been curious about economics from early years because my mother was engaged in this sphere and worked at the Chinese Foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau. After my graduation from school, I made a decision that changed my life – I landed to the U.S. to pursue my education goals. I was amazed by the idea of overall connection among every part of the world, and I consider it to be the main peculiarity of economics. Thus, I have chosen economics to be my major subject. 

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Studying in Seattle Central Community College is one of the steps in my dream, and it comes true. Gladly, I got much different knowledge through different teaching styles. Although I had a difficult time with understanding what teachers say, I overcame it by asking and practicing. Language cannot be a big problem to me anymore. I found the economics classes to be interesting. Especially, I was really enjoying the way of seeing world when I was taking macroeconomics. It focuses more on the connection and relationships various every part of the whole economy since a small change can lead to a big difference.

When I have a goal, I would never give up. Being good is not enough for me since I want to be better. In Seattle Central, I registered for macroeconomics class, which was my first economics class. I had never imagined that economics could be such attractive to me though at the same time, it was also a challenge for me. I have learnt how to analyze, and inference became the main problem in this class. These challenges could not stop me, so I studied harder. With my endeavor, I got an A eventually. I deserved this grade.

In order to gain more advanced knowledge, I will pursue a Degree and seek to practice the gained skills. I know that University of Washington is a good opportunity for me to spend time diving into the world of Economics. I know this school has a good commercial college, and I desire to study in this engaging place. Besides, I would love to learn magical economics in a public university because I love to share my ideas with intelligent people. It will help with my studies. I love working with study groups, which can prove my competence easier than a private school.

To be honest, I had a hard time with my new life in this country. With my expectations, I flew over a great distance from my home country to the United States. I was in a bad mood when I gained a bad grade in a test. Uncontrollably, I miss my mom’s great culinary skill, I want to hug my best friends, and I want to caress my lovely Poodle. I had a culture shock in this new place. Luckily, when you face a hard time, friends can help you pull throw. I met some new people at school. We shared stories and enjoyed new life together. Most teachers in Seattle Central are very kind and helpful, and they always answer your questions generously. When I get used to this new place, I found my life is wonderful and meaningful. 

I fully agree with Franklin Roosevelt who said that “the only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today” (“Franklin D. Roosevelt Quote”). Instead of irresolution, I choose to believe in myself and go ahead toward the goal. I hope that the College at the University of Washington will give me the opportunity to embark on the path of a successful future where I will be able to realize myself as a high-class professional capable of solving the most complex problems in my field. After all, I have the most important thing and it is the desire to devote myself entirely to great science on behalf of the economy in the walls of the famous university.

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