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25.12.2018 in Personal Statement
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IIT University of Chicago Personal Statement

My desire to study Chemical Engineering dates back from my childhood when my parents used to tell me that most of the foods we consume have chemicals that either add their flavor or preserve them. One day, while I was walking around town, I came across a herbal doctor who taught me that the chemicals we get daily from our food are harmful for our bodies if not removed. He urged us to use his herbs to help us remove chemicals from our bodies. I wondered what chemicals are; both bad and good. In one instance, they add flavor and preserve our food and in another, they are harmful to our bodies.

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My first day in the Chemistry lab in our secondary school made me decide that it is the kind of career I want to pursue. The changing litmus papers to distinguish between acids and bases were simply amazing to me. I became interested in the subject and decided to choose it as one of my sciences and scored a good grade in our high school examinations.

I choose Illinois Institute of Technology, because of the unique programs they offer, the highly educated faculty members, and the great college itself. It has competent faculty members and therefore it offers quality education. The institution also helps in shaping the world through education research and outreach. Moreover, its renowned Chemical Engineering program and excellence in academics is very respectable and I am sure that being surrounded by an intelligent community would strongly benefit me. I am particularly driven, when I see its alumni imparting the world in their various technological fields of study.

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The units offered for the course at the university such as thermodynamics, control systems, heat transfer, and chemical reaction (Chemical and Biological Engineering, 2012) will enable me to apply my decision making, technical, and communication skills to solve complex problems in society and come up with products and services that improve the lives of people. The interdisciplinary programs offered and the freedom and flexibility available at IIT Armour College of Engineering will allow me to delve deeply into my specific topics of interest. The university’s Division of Student Affairs’ mission statement aims at not only developing students academically but also personally, multi-culturally, and socially (Office of Student Affairs, 2012), will enable me to learn a lot about different cultures which is advantageous for my future goals.

My long-term goal is to come up with an industry that would lower the spending rates of members of my society and ensure clean and green environment. This will be made possible with the college’s unique program that incorporates classwork, laboratory practical, workshop practice and industrial attachment. The practical and workshop practices will enable me to link what we will be taught in class with what happens in reality; industrial attachment will enable me to apply what is taught in class in the industry. I am a hardworking and committed individual, with the good organizational ability and I believe that I shall greatly contribute to the engineering profession if accorded a chance at the university.

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