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When I entered Seattle Central Community College (SCCC), I have chosen such classes as psychology, business and arts. At that time I was more interested in arts than in business, but soon I found out that business classes were more useful for me and thus, I started visiting business and economic classes and had a desire to learn more about business world and how to run business.

I left Taiwan and came to Seattle when I was 17 years old. I did not finish high school in my native country because we have very specific system of education. Students in Taiwan have less freedom than students in the USA. They cannot ask questions or speak out their ideas during classes. Moreover, it is difficult for a graduated person in Taiwan to find a job because everybody has at least university or college graduation.


I decided to leave my college because I like meeting new people and making friends. Besides, I wanted to receive more knowledge that I could not gain in Taiwan.

My major is business and I would like to use the received knowledge to open up my own business or to work in my father’s company.

After I finish my education in UW, I would like to apply for OPT to have some working experience before I start searching a job or perhaps I will come back to Taiwan. I want to learn more and use the received knowledge for my future work. If I finish the OPT, I would go back to my native country and use my new experience to open up my own business or run my father’s company.

I believe that UW will help me to get more professional knowledge in business as well as professors and people will help me to get through any difficulties that I may face during my business studying. Moreover, I think that all knowledge that I will receive during my studying will help me to open up my business in Taiwan. After my graduation from UW, I will have enough professional knowledge and experience about principles of running the business. I hope that I will be able to find many friends with whom I can share my ideas and goals and who may give me advice in challenging situations.

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Besides major in business, I am also interested in economic and communications because they are both connected with business. I think that communication is one of the most important things in our daily life because it helps to establish contacts with other people, and this point is very important for successful business running. In addition, economic will provide knowledge and help me to understand how the world works.

I think there are at least two cultures that impact my life; one is the Taiwanese culture, and another is the American one because I lived in America during two years. The Taiwanese culture has impacted me more than the American one because I grew up in Taiwan and my parents taught me everything about Taiwan culture. Taiwanese culture is very similar to the Chinese one because Taiwan was part of China. Despite the fact that Taiwan is an independent state now, it still retains a lot of traditions and customs from China. However, Taiwanese have more freedom than Chinese, just like Americans. We do not have too much limitation by our government, and people can have their own voice to talk about their ideas and speak up for their rights. Taiwanese are always enthusiastic and willing to help. Our parents have taught us that we should use smile to everyone and we should be willing to help when someone needs. I also believe that Taiwanese have more positive thoughts and are more tolerant towards others.

I consider myself as an independent, outgoing, optimistic, and cheerful person. I think a part of my personality is the result of culture’s impact and another part is about how I grew up. I have visited many countries. Sometimes I traveled with my friends or family, but sometimes traveled alone. Travels allowed me to learn how to use my heart and eyes to see the world wider. This independence made me brave enough to leave my own family and country and to come to a foreign state to study and to live on my own. I think I am independent person I can take care of myself and I do not like to be restricted to one place. I like exploring different interesting and meaningful things. My visit to America helped me to respect different cultures and I learnt a lot from my friends who come from different countries. Although our cultures and customs are different, we try to respect and learn good things from each other.

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I was a volunteer in Pacific Northwest Ballet School, the program in which is called ‘Dance Chance’. My task was to help the elementary students to prepare for their ballet class, line up for buses, and complete activities. The goal was to encourage children, be a helpful volunteer, and to learn how to work with people and in the workplace. Now I do the other volunteer service in a housing and homeless shelter, which is called ‘The Julia’s Place’. ‘The Julia’s Place’ is an emergency night shelter for homeless families and their children. I can learn how to treat people in the same way and not to judge them. Working in ‘The Julia’s Place’ helped me to see the world differently.

I believe that everything that I had once been involved in gave me something new. In this way, I extend my world view and can see the same things in different light as it was with my volunteer experience. My career is business and I think if one wants to be a successful businessman, first he/she should know the life on its every level, beginning with art and finishing with academic studying. One never knows which experience could play a crucial role in his or her future and thus one should be open for different views.

My goal is to study at the University of Washington in Seattle, and it relates to my desire to learn the world better. As a future businessman I would like to learn everything that is connected with business and I believe that this university can help me with this task. I am going to receive new experience that can help me in starting my own business or running my father’s one. Thus, my studying at the University of Washington, Seattle is the key to achieving my dream.

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