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PhD Personal Statement in the Field of Biology

I, Balsam Abdulaziz Abdullah Alessa from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, write this statement in order to have a chance to obtain the Ph.D. in the field of Biology at the UK university. I support the idea that the education of a man is should continue until he dies. Nevertheless, education is not a boring process. However, if you are engaged in studying something that brings you a great deal of delight and satisfaction you are a lucky person. So am I.

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Since the times of my youth I had always been interested in Science and related to it disciplines. Biology has attracted me the most because of its diversity. The knowledge of Biology opens the doors before people in the world of living organisms, helps them to investigate most of the environmental problems and create tight relations between the human beings and pure nature. Thus, the interest to this science forced me to continue my education and to pursue the Ph.D. in the United Kingdom.

When speaking about my education, it should be mentioned that in 2005, I graduated from Taif University located in Saudi Arabia. At that university, I got the Degree of Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology. During the same year, I obtained aMaster of Science Degree with a major in Biology at Pittsburg State University. Nevertheless, my education did not end at this point. I have also participated in King Abdullah Scholarship Program which provided students with the opportunity of studying in the best world universities to pursue bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees.

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I have also applied my theoretical knowledge in practice. Beside the point, I am an experienced teacher of Science. From 2008 to 2010 I was teaching Science in Montessori Primary School. I guess that my pedagogical experience will be extremely useful for me in the future. I am not going to renounce the career of a teacher and plan to share the obtained knowledge with younger generations of students.

Apart from the study I am interested in computers and Informatics. I am an advanced computer user. In 2006, I had been attending computer courses for four months and the same year I got a Microsoft Office XP certificate. Among the other official documents which prove my good computer usage skills are International (IC3) certificate – Internet and Computing Core Certification received in 2007 and Internet Site Design diploma obtained during the same year.

Business is another sphere of my interests. In 2006, I attended Human Resource Development Fund Course. The list of my duties included preparation of a job seeker in the private sector. I also took part in the training program Basic Operations and Management of Private Businesses.

Among the other activities I regularly do with pleasure are reading and travelling. I believe that these two things help people to evolve in all aspects of their life. On the one hand, I am from a sort of inquisitive who prefer to keep up with the times. Therefore, I never miss a trick to come to know more about the news in the world, innovations in science and technology. On the other hand, travelling helps us to absorb new information easily and successfully for it penetrates into the human brain through emotions and impressions. Thus, travelling is also a sort of an educational program.

I understand that being a non-native student I will be expected to study more intensively than most of my group mates. In any case, I am ready to prove that I am really a hard-working, responsible and clever person. I am not afraid of difficulties, and I am prepared to overcome different problems. I have a cheerful and positive perception of this world and look forward to sharing and exploring new ideas. Therefore, I hope my application will be considered positively.

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