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Accountancy Personal Statement Example

I chose to study accounting because it has many benefits, including availability of a wide variety of jobs and recognized professionalism. Improvement in the global economy has opened up many opportunities in the industries and businesses. Unlike many fields, accountants are required in all forms of businesses. They play essential role in ensuring the realization of profit and minimization of losses.

Accounting is my preferred career since I decided to dedicate my life to support businesses. It has helped me gain beneficial professional skills such as IT system knowledge, account management, financial accounting, and tax accounting. Management accounting facilitates the realization of the best decisions in the business. It helps identify profitable areas that are beneficial to organizations. On the one hand, identifying risky areas and those making losses to the company prompts the management team to develop effective corrective action. On the other hand, financial accounting managements offer advice to the management team to make strategic changes and influence growth.

My high school teacher helped me understand the essence of gaining accounting skills. He explained how accountants are respected in their working places because of their contributions and ability to make a financial impact. However, during my first year at high school, my dream of becoming an accountant almost went away. I lost my uncle who was supporting my poor parents for the sake of my education. The last semester of the first year and the whole of my second year were marked with many financial challenges. At the beginning of the third year, I realized that I had to do something to make my career dream come true. An idea came into my mind, and I started a business within the school. The demand for stationary was high, particularly after the closure of the school canteen because the owner was involved with some illegal activities.

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Although I did not have much capital, I borrowed some money from my cousin and bought two dozens of books and pens as my business stock. The business was worth doing because by the end of the first week my stock tripled. When I joined the university, my business increased to support all my studies.

Advice offered to me by the accounting teacher in high school helped me understand that my father’s business failed because of lack of effective accounting skills. I was motivated to study accounting to help my father raise his business and support my younger brothers and sisters. I felt annoyed after I remembered that my father’s wealth went down the drain just because of lack of accounting skills. I decided to study accounting to save my family from increasing poverty.

In the university, I influenced my fellow students to take accounting studies more seriously. I helped them understand that those skills are essential to all the businesses as well as personal life. My leadership skills in the school encouraged my fellow students to elect me as their captain. During my holidays, I used to work in community organizations as a volunteer to gain experience and support my people. This valuable experience helped me to acquire a job at one of the best-paying companies in the country.

Between 2010 and 2011, when I was working at the MCE Tax & Consultant, Inc. and JJ Tax & Consultants, Inc. as an accounting assistant, I obtained considerable experience. Three months after graduating from the University of California, the Public Accountants Council (PAC) licensed me. I was lucky to acquire an internship opportunity early in 2014 at the Youji you Healthcare Products Co. Ltd as a bookkeeper. The opportunity helped me gain experience in reviewing invoices, processing accounts, maintaining charts, monthly reconciliations, as well as supervising recording and supplying process. Accounting skills have enabled me to achieve life’s contentment and eliminated all the uncertainties.

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