The Personal Narrative: Humanity in People

Jan 9, 2019 in Narrative Essays

The Personal Narrative Essay

There are some really significant situations in life, which demonstrate the level of humanity in people. They reveal new feelings and emotions inside a person’s soul and demonstrate whether one has a right to be named a human.

The previous night was captivatingly terrible. I felt the clamor of the thunder inside my bones, and each flash of lighting was reverberated as electric charge. The ocean blustered with such a force as if it wanted to tear the roof of the house. Nevertheless, the next morning appeared to be warm and gentle, and only the washed away shore reminded of the previous nightmare. It was my second to last day near the ocean. I decided to have a walk along the oceanfront. It was very funny to observe seagulls and albatrosses that fled from me as I was approaching them. After some time, I saw two blurred figures who walked in my direction. They were constantly laughing and pointing at something in front of them. They were too far from me to understand the reason of their laughter, but it irritated me as it resembled mocking rather than genuine happiness. In a couple of minutes, I saw an albatross with a broken wing, which tried to escape from people but was unable to fly away. Two males were throwing shells and laughing at albatross’ worthless attempts to escape. When albatross saw me, it stopped so that one man could hit the target. The bird’s despair pierced me from head to toe. “Could you, please, stop?” I asked them. “Relax, he’s deceased, he’ll never fly again, the next storm will be the last for him,” was their answer. Our short conversation allowed albatross to turn around and run in an opposite direction. The two men continued their walk.

Recalling the previous night, I felt that I have no right to ignore the grief of a living being. I decided to follow the albatross for a couple of meters in order to move away from heartless males and arrange my intricated thoughts. Firstly, I knew that it would be stressful for the bird if I catch it; secondly, I had no desire to sacrifice my fingers to the bird’s beak. I took off my shirt and waited until the beach coast was narrow enough to catch albatross without seriously frightening it. When the bird understood my intentions, it attempted to fly away from me in desperation. The broken wing was not able to function properly, and the bird fell down on the sand. I was running around as crazy, trying not to scare the bird to death.

What really impressed me was the albatross’ desire to stay free in the place which it belonged to. Albatross did not give up and hit the ocean water with full force. It allowed me to grab the bird with a shirt, closing its head and beak. Half of the job was done. I gently put the bird with the covered head under my arm and walked back to my house. On my way back, I saw numerous albatrosses and seagulls, circling far away in the skies around me as if they considered me to be a criminal. They felt something bad, and I was unable to explain them that I am desperately trying to help one of them. The bird was maliciously trying to tear the shirt covering its eyes while I was soothing it to calm down. Eventually, albatross appeased or reconciled with its fate.

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I prayed for no one to appear on my way as I did not know how people would react to my actions. Nevertheless, the God did not hear my prayers that day. I met a guy, who was taking photos of the morning ocean. For a split second, it seemed to me that he did not pay attention to my strange appearance, but he actually did. “Hey, what are you doing with a poor bird?” he asked. “Trying to save its life”. He became very serious for a couple of seconds and then smiled, “I know a very good place, where veterinarians can help your fellow, I know one of them, and he will do his best to save it.”

While driving in his car to veterinary hospital, he informed me that usually birds cannot fly, even if they are cured. That was a huge shock for me. The birds are able to fly, it is their talent and sense of life. Imagine that you cannot see the world around you, because you are blind. That might be the same for birds, which cannot fly. However, unlike people, no one will explain them why they are deprived of their gift. Veterinary doctor carefully took albatross and after examining its wing explained that chances are very small. The bird will obviously live, but probably it will not fly anymore. The wing was immobilized, and we had to wait at least a month for it to heal. The injury was quite serious, and it was lucky, I helped it; otherwise, it could die. Afterwards, each day was full of thought about life. The albatross’ case depicted me that I am the richest person in the world as I am not deprived of my abilities and gifts; I am not imprisoned in a sick body. Sometimes, people complain that they lack something in their lives, but everything can be achieved if you are healthy enough. In any case, people are always able to find another way to gain their objectives, because they understand the reality.

In a month, I took the albatross from the veterinarian hospital to the ocean. I let it go, and albatross took a running start off the ground. Initially hesitant, gaining strength with each movement, it flew high into the sky. Albatross did not say ‘thank you’, its gratitude was visible in each wing flapping. We are humans, and we have to be humane. Sometimes, such efforts are rewarded and for someone they return sense of life.

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