Point of View Essay

Feb 22, 2019 in Narrative Essays
Points of View Essay

Personal Story About the Study

Pleasant Description of the Place

My study is the place of my inspiration. It is calm and very purposeful. Big windows welcome me with the start of a new day. It was 6 o'clock in the morning and the sunrise has just started. The window looked like bright water-color painting. My eyes caught fresh pink, orange, and blue shining of the morning skies. At the same time the sun was partly covered by occasional haze. Despite the hidden sun, the atmosphere in the room was peaceful and amazing. I have opened the old wooden window and took a deep breath of fresh air. The street was silent because it was too early for others to wake up. The only noise I could hear was the horn of the passing yellow bus. Meanwhile, I came to my enormous bookshelf and took a large, white, porcelain cup. It stood among the numerous books that had strong smell of the noble lifetime. I knew there was some green tea with no sugar. I have finished it at one gulp. It still had rich taste of mint that slaked my thirst and cheered me up in a moment. After watching the beautiful sunrise I put on my striped cotton coverall. The wind from the window was piercing. My old coverall made me feel comfortable and brought me a few notes of my nightdream. Suddenly I have heard the sound of soft steps. It was my cat, Charlie. He twisted around my leg and I felt the softness of his white fluffy tail. I knew that I have awakened him. His green eyes enhanced his anger. At the same time his tenderness showed me that he still loved me. As busy as a bee Charlie ran to the windowsill. My little kitten in ward was the one to be amazed with the start of a new day.

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Unpleasant Description of the Place

Sooner or later all of us begin to suffer from insomnia. The early bird catches a worm. Early me is able to catch only an insufferable headache for the whole day. It was 6 o'clock in the morning. The sunrise has started. The sun was half-hidden with grey clouds so the skies were promising one more disgusting rainy day. I have opened a window, an old wooden window, in order to take a deep breath. The window squeaked nastily. In a moment I felt the autumn wind touched my body. I felt an unpleasant chill. Suddenly I have heard the brake chatter of the old bus. The sound annoyed me because it interrupted my morning harmony. I felt really cold so I have decided to drink the rest of my yesterday green tea. I hoped to get warm but the only thing I felt was taste of not fresh boiled grass. In addition, my porcelain cup was a bit dirty having an imprint of my hand. It stood on the bookshelf all the night. Unfortunately, the cup was full of book dust. I only felt it after finishing my yesterday tea at one gulp. It was too late to change the situation. So my morning inattention punished me. Right after that I have decided to put on my coverall. I still believed that something could make my life better. The dreams about striped white coverall were disturbed. In fact it almost saved me from chill. In the same time my coverall smelled as my cat Charlie. The fact that my study is a saint place enraged me. I have forgotten to take my coverall out my study so my shaggy friend spent the whole night on it. Suddenly I have heard that he woke up. I turned and saw his angry green eyes. He came closer and rubbed against me. I knew that the only thing he wanted was some food. It meant no apologies but Charlie’s egoistic benefit.

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Rhetorical Analysis

I have chosen my study for description in this paper. I enjoy writing about my study because it is a place where I spend the majority of my time, so it carries both negative and positive experience. It allowed me to record my both pleasant and unpleasant impressions.

The first sentences of my overviews are the overt statements. From the very beginning they clearly show the reader the mood of the further telling. The pleasant description starts with an inspirational component. So, all the further description promises to be full of joy and life satisfaction. The unpleasant description starts with the problem of insomnia. In case the lack of sleeping leads us to feel uncomfortable and a bit disordered, the reader is able to consider it as a beginning of unpleasant telling.

My choice of words is considered to be as accurate as it can be. The main goal is to show the reader my experience. All the words were used according to my desire to interpret my personal mood. My pleasant description starts with describing an unpredictable beauty of sunrise. The sun looks like a hidden chance that we get every day of our life. In the negative description everything looks fatal as if our happiness is hidden with grey rainy clouds. One more important aspect is a description of tea. The main idea does not deal with inattentiveness. It deals with an inner view of a picture. Sometimes people avoid seeing unpleasant details, just like in my positive description. Frankly speaking, it is pretty hard to define the taste of the dust.

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Some details were omitted. I mean the description of my coverall’s smell. I preferred to include it in my unpleasant description. I also omitted the description of my cat’s tenderness in my unpleasant description. It was only said that he was shaggy. Similarities and metaphors were also helpful. Such tools allowed me to create an impression of my surrounding.

As well as the morning pretends to be the start of the whole day, it usually gives us a certain base. The first minutes of everyday life make us take an attitude to the variety of events in our daily routine.

This type of assignment taught me how to see the details more accurately. It made me analyze the surrounding things deeper. I concentrated on my senses eliminating the actions as much as possible. I applied this knowledge for my future writing. Such types of descriptions make all the variety of telling more emotional and rich by their powerful detailed expression. This method of writing enlightened me in the context of using special tools for informative writing. In conclusion I would like to underline that a coin has two sides. It is our choice what to see and how to feel. The whole world shares its impressions and gifts with us. The description should be as much emotionally bright as possible.

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