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20.02.2019 in Narrative Essays
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Childhood is a period of life when you discover something new all the time. It is an amazing feeling when you live in a world that is filled with unknown things and opportunities. With each coming day, you can explore different facts and face new challenges and experiences. You can discover this world with the help of your parents or television, but there is no better way to find out interesting facts than through the process of reading. The written world can tell you things and take your mind far away to a place where you have never been before.

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I remember when I was eleven years old, my father was trying to give me different types of magazines to read. He knew the importance of reading in my age. He has noticed my curiosity to all things that were surrounding me. At first, I was not very pleased and excited about those magazines. I was a child who was full of energy and did not want to waste my time just reading some books, journals or magazines. My community was filled with children of my age. We like to spend time outside and could play at the streets all day long. That is why I did not want to spend my time just sitting at home and reading. However, my father did not leave the attempt to pay my attention to the process of reading. He never forced me to read. He just brought me reading materials on different subjects and he waited when I would become interested in something.

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One day, when my father returned from work, he carefully placed the magazine on the edge of my table. He did not say any words and came out of my room. That day, I came exhausted from school and did not want to go outside. I just wanted to be home and do nothing. My look accidentally fell on the magazine cover. There was a picture of the old building that I saw on the television yesterday. I opened up the magazine and found the page with the information about this building. I read the whole article about Coliseum. That evening I discovered that this ancient construction was build in the first century in Italy. I was very impressed by its round shape and interesting history. The next day, I found other articles that completely absorbed my attention to reading. It was a magazine about large and most famous engineering constructions all over the world. In little details, it described the history of each building, materials from which they were build and few facts about the countries in which those buildings were constructed. I have discovered that words are not that boring when you read them. Everything that my father told me about reading was true.

Since then I started to get involved in the history of large world buildings. In some way, my life has changed. After school, I came home and read, instead of going outside and playing with my friends. Reading article after article, I learned more interesting things about this world. Through the power of words, I traveled from one country to another. I explored ancient and modern buildings. I was very surprised when I found that our world is so large and filled with so many interesting and amazing places. My father was very proud of his work. He has achieved his goal and opened for me the real treasure that I was pushing away for so long. I lost some friends because I have spent most of my time reading. However, later I got new ones, who like me were fascinated in interesting things in this world. I became interested in the English language, as I knew that I can find more information in English than in my own language.

Today, I am a student at the Medical Technology University in Bridgeport, and I am still interested in the engineering and architecture of the buildings. It is my hobby that has stayed with me ever since my father introduced me to the power of words.

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