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Apr 10, 2019 in Narrative Essays
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Personal Narrative of Chinese Student

I am a Chinese student from China. China is my homeland and I feel a strong connection to it. In China, it has always been a tradition for virtually every Chinese person to learn Chinese language as they grow up. This tradition has been around for quite some time, and it is still upheld. The reason for it is that Chinese parents want to maintain their Chinese culture and heritage and to teach it to their children. As a result of this, most people grow up speaking only their first language - Chinese. The problem that comes with the learning only Chinese from an early age and is that it becomes quite difficult for such an individual to study other courses or subjects that are not taught in the Chinese language.

Virtually every Chinese student brought up under the Chinese language and culture experiences difficulties in learning English or taking other courses that are taught in English is an experience of. I have a personal experience with learning English. The problem presented by this is that one is not capable of properly and completely understanding what is being taught by their teachers and professors (Claxton). As a professor of English, I believe that I would provide a solution for this common problem. For instance, it would be quite easy for me to understand any questions asked by my students. I have experienced myself the common problems that these students would be going through in their English learning path. This would also be an avenue through which I could know whether the students have understood the concepts and principles of the English language (Camenson). In addition to this, I would be capable of making the appropriate translations from English to Chinese and vice versa. This would boost my teaching efficiency through the easy comparisons and illustrations. Consequently, the students’ comprehension is bound to improve significantly (Camenson).

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My aspiration for becoming an English professor is also derived from the engaging and interesting nature of being a professor. This type of career is particularly involved with constant reading and researching. Such research is often very encompassing and comprehensive. The result of this constant researching and studying keeps one occupied by filling in the blanks that could have existed in their career fields or in their practice. It also helps an individual to accumulate more knowledge as they get to understand wider aspects of their particular careers and what they teach. There is always a benefit rather than a disadvantage in the attainment of more knowledge. One is left in a better position and they gain a capability of making a more logical and a stronger argument. Furthermore, it is a good way of spending extra leisure time. In this way, an individual becomes acquainted with current worldwide issues and trends and, therefore, becomes more up to date on matters affecting them and, among other, their profession. The ultimate outcome is that I would become more equipped to deal with a wide array of issues that I would have otherwise not been capable of tackling.

Middle school was a very important period of time for me. Regardless of the fact that I had difficulties in understanding English, my professor made efforts to ensure that I become proficient in this language. He was very patient with me and all of of my classmates. He made us feel that it was okay to have difficulties with English since it was not our first language. However, he promised to us that by the end of the course we would all be eloquent English speakers just like him. I was very anxious and had fears that I would not make it and would not achieve the results. I let my professor know about my fears and he arranged for a personal tuition after school. He would help me revise the content that he had taught earlier in the school. He would also give me extra English homework. Additionally, he would give English storybooks which were meant to improve my reading and writing skills. This significantly boosted my English knowledge, and consequently grades. That is when I developed a passion for English language. I started revising everything with my classmates and occasionally with my professor. Teaching my fellow students helped me gain more comprehension and mastery of the language. My professor became very proud of me. I was also very grateful to him for giving me a chance to learn English-a result which I thought would be very hard. My professor encouraged me to pursue English courses in my further education. I found it to be a good idea. I would like to be like him. He is my mentor and even today he still gives me encouragement. I tell him about my problems with education and he helps me solve them whenever he can. My relationship with him has since grown. I ensure that every time I go back to China, I visit him and give him some updates on my studies. He says that he is proud of me. I made a promise to myself to work hard and to mentor other Chinese students who have a passion for English but find it difficult to understand or to master.

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Since I admire my professor so much, I aim at becoming an English professor myself. But, for that to happen, I need to meet the necessary educational qualifications. I need to pass all my exams with good grades. This would allow me to graduate. Without graduating, one has no chance of becoming a professor. I also need get rid of any habits that I may have that could hinder me from achieving my goal. This may include spending less time with friends who prefer leisure activities to education. A bad company will surely be a stop to my dream of becoming an English professor. Once I become a professor, I need to be disciplined to be a role model for my students. Patience is a virtue that I still need to instill in myself. This would allow me to be in a position to work with students from different backgrounds, of different understanding capacities and of various learning abilities. This is because some of the students may be quick in understanding a certain concept while others might be much slower. Being a second language, English in is a difficult for students to learn. This would, therefore, require me to be very patient with my prospective students in order to ensure that they do not get discouraged but rather hold on until they succeed. In order succeed with my career plans I need the guidance of my English teacher who has been there for me since Middle school. He will teach me more about becoming a successful professor.

In conclusion, my aspiration for becoming an English professor is a combination of a number of reasons. First, having come from a Chinese background, I can easily relate with the challenges that many Chinese students experience while trying to learn English. Due to this relationship, I would try to help in solving such challenges in my teaching of English to the students. Secondly, becoming a professor of English would significantly boost my general knowledge base and experience. This is because of the increased research and studying that is associated with professorship. Additionally, this would widen my scope of thinking and make me more conversant with the current events and issues. Thirdly, I have always been encouraged by my teacher to emulate his career choices. He assisted me with learning English since I was in middle school. To this day, I ask him for his advice and he is always happy to help. Finally, the attainment of my English professorship would help me to pick up and maintain good personality qualities. These include patience and hard work. This would also help me to get rid of bad habits as well as a bad company.

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