Medicine Essay


Effective Management of Emergent Mass Casualties

This study will focus on effective management of Emergency Medical Services in cases of emergent Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs). In addition, the study will be developed in the scope of the subject matter, that is, a description of circumstances that qualify as MCIs. MCI management requires urgency in management, as well as the use of specialized resources and personnel.


Arguments about Medical Iatrogenesis

The past three years have witnessed a sudden change of ailments affecting Western societies. Diseases once thought dangerous are now treated with ease and the recorded deaths are attributed to other factors than sicknesses. Nonetheless, the damage done by medicine to the health of patients and populations in general is immense. As health is discussed in the essay, it is vital to demarcate it as the circumstance of rational, bodily, and communal well-being and not merely the lack of malady or frailty.


The Electronic Medical Record

Computer technology actively continues to evolve while scientists successfully promote innovations in medicine. Many hospitals and clinics use modern software that offers smooth operational processing and safe storage of all information. One of the main innovations is an electronic medical record, a tool that keeps patient’s data on diseases and overall conditions.


Medical Marijuana

The issue of marijuana usage in medicine is very disputable. It has been being a subject of discussions among scientists, researchers, and even politicians for a long time. Some people think that marijuana should be used medicinally. They base their thoughts on the researches in the field of medicine, which showed that marijuana exhibits medical properties.


Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda originated in India thousands of years ago. Its goal is to find a balance between the human soul and body. Its principles have never changed as they are derived from the universal laws of nature that are eternal.


Herbal Medicine Santeria

Santeria is an Afro-Cuban religion that uses many different plants for healing. This treatment includes a long list of different herbs and interesting methods of their preparation. This system of beliefs has some similarities with Catholicism because of its historical background.