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One of the ways through which a health care facility can be termed as effective and efficient is to meet patients demands in a quality-based manner. In the line with the demand of the Affordable Care Act of 2010, there is a call for healthcare facilities to ensure that they concentrate more on quality in their service delivery (Thompson, 2015). In appreciation of the importance of upholding quality in the healthcare delivery, this paper provides a summary of recommendation initiatives that will help in addressing the identified problem of the low level of quality in providing patients care in All Level General Hospital.

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Cost of Operation

The primary goal of this initiative will be to ensure that the areas of hospitals inefficiencies are identified through a detailed retrospective auditing process. The aim will be to identify the areas of weakness that have made the hospital lose crucial resources that can be directed toward enhancing the quality of the facility. Moreover, identifying points of weaknesses will be crucial in enhancing the ability of the hospital to make necessary realignments that will aid in enhancing its quality parameter.

Physicians Efficiency

In this initiative, the effort will be directed toward identifying the factors that demotivate physicians in the hospital. When employees feel demotivated, their level of efficiency declines (Kelly, 2011). The quality in the healthcare industry is highly dependent on the efficient level of caregivers since it is directly proportional to the ability to avail the needed help to the right patient at the right time. Therefore, under this initiative, efforts will be directed toward introducing policies that will be formulated in consultation with caregivers to motivate them and ensure that their interests are adhered to diligently.

Caregiver-Patient Corporation

This initiative will primarily enhance the ability of the All Level General Hospital to improve the quality of its services provided to patients. Thus, there is a need to boost the cooperation between the patients and their caregivers to ensure that there is a health exchange between these two agents. Different channels of communication will be formulated, namely open and non-disclosure ones, to ensure that all valid information is availed, which will improve the quality of all services offered in All Level General Hospital.

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Enhancing Quality While Saving Cost of Operation

According to the Affordable Care Act of 2010, healthcare services are required to avail quality healthcare services but at a reduced operating cost. The demand for a provision of quality services at a low cost has become the norm in the healthcare sector with the reimbursement being aimed at this initiative where more is paid for the quality offered rather than volume (Kelly, 2011). Therefore, as mentioned earlier, retrospective auditing will capture elements of wastage in the hospital, thus reducing the cost of operation. Moreover, the hospital will also utilize a performance contract accompanied with a compensation plan to ensure that all employees meet and recognize their responsibilities.

Quality in a Free Market Healthcare System and in Single Payer Government System

In a single payer government system, people are insured by the federal government and, in case they need medical attention, the latter provides the funds under a centralized national insurance policy (Kelly, 2011). However, the delivery of the healthcare services largely remains in the hands of the private sector. A good example of this system is set designated facilities set by the government where the public can receive healthcare services since they have the capacity to deliver the needed quality. Another good example of this system is the current intention of Obamacare where the federal government wants to ensure that there is an insurance cover for the public (Thompson, 2015). Regarding quality, there are set standards that have to be met if reimbursement is to be made by the national insurance fund. For example, patients have to show an element of recovery before any reimbursement is made.

On the other hand, in the free market healthcare system, every player in the market is free to set the prices. Here, matters to do with quality that does not fall under national policy lie solely in the agreement between the healthcare provider and patients (Kelly, 2011). A good example of such a free market situation is hospitals that only treat patients with insurance cover from specific partner insurers. Moreover, healthcare facilities have a full control over charges. For example, healthcare facilities have predetermined conditions with associative insurers, stating how much they need as a reimbursement if certain services are offered. Besides, in this market, the public is prone to be overexploited since there is little or no government intervention. Thus, for example, the insurers have the freedom to manipulate their premium anytime.

Common Law Quality Initiatives

All laws geared toward ensuring that quality is safeguarded in healthcare facilitates are designed to ensure that the element of human error is minimized and code of practice is upheld. An example of these initiatives includes Performance Measurement: Accelerating Improvement backed by Public Law 108-173, section 109 of the Medicare Modernization Act that aims at improving the way performance is measured and reported (National Academy of Sciences, n.d.). The Affordable Care Act is another law that demands healthcare facilities to enhance the quality of the service delivery (Thompson, 2015). Finally, Rewarding Provider Performance: Aligning Incentives in Medicare supported by Public Law 108-173, section 109 of the Medicare Modernization Act is another quality law initiative where there is agitation for pay-for-performance (National Academy of Sciences, n.d.), thus enhancing quality in healthcare institution since payment is made for identified performance.


There is an assertion at hand that quality is a phenomenon that needs to be evident in all services availed by a healthcare facility since it forms the basis for improved patient treatment. For example, offering quality services entails inquiring the demands of the patient before taking any action, which signifies the interrelation involved between quality and patient satisfaction. Besides, when quality services are availed, the physicians consult all relevant parameters to improve the final course of action. For example, they have to consult the patients and reference the knowledge available to improve their point of action. Lastly, quality and patient satisfaction are highly intertwined since they demand a close collaboration of patient and caregiver and the use of evidence-based action in availing improved healthcare services. For example, for patients to experience quality services, they should first experience satisfaction from the services received. Therefore, a hospital cannot satisfy any patients if quality lacks in any services offered.

Plan to Protect Patient Information

At the heart of improving the quality of the services at All Level General Hospital is a close collaboration between the patients and physicians, which can only be enhanced if there is a proper channel of information that allows patients to freely share their views without the fear of repercussion. Once the information is availed, there is a need to safeguard it as this brings in elements of quality to the hospital through improving the confidence of the patients that the hospital can uphold their privacy. In the same line of thought, the hospital will have all the information collected in hard copy changed to soft copies that will have a team of IT managing it. Moreover, the data will need to be secured and kept in an encrypted manner, forming another layer of protection from unauthorized access. This measure will be in line with the non-disclosure protection where information availed as private ought to be maintained as such (Marinic, 2015).


It is evident that quality is a multi-variable element in the healthcare industry that needs to be upheld in a healthcare setting. Moreover, it is apparent that the utilization of reduced cost of operation, crowned with a high level of efficiency among physicians, leads to eventuality where All Level General Hospital will improve the quality of services delivered. Over and above, it is clear that All Level General Hospital needs to appreciate that availing quality services to the patients improves the confidence of the patients and thus there is a need to adhere diligently to the insight given by patients.

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