Gilded Age Era

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Significant negativity in society was witnessed during the Civil War, but greed and many conflicts in society were evident during the Gilded Era. Corruption overtook the national politics, hence covering the serious problems faced by people. The paradoxes of the glittering majority had created tensions amid variant coaching and races of dearest, attendant in the accumulation of wealth. The stage between 1850 and 1950 turned into a phase of heaping up and assisting in both walks and outrages. The Gilded Era contributed to the current situation and the level of security present in New York today.

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New York had been prepared around shiny duration and proven magnanimous by the 1900s. The infamy controlled banded, disclosed as five actually garnered the attentiveness stick-to-it-inverness of safety. Politicians took bribes and rewarded those who had supported them so they were given posh government jobs. They did not adhere to the ambitious policies they had promised to the people, and this forced the low class people to form their own political party, the Populists that would fight for their rights. Later, the Populist Party faded because the leader they supported for presidency had lost during the elections

American society was divided into classes of the wealthy, the farmers, and the middle class. Many deprived workers struggled to survive, while a developing engineering and financial nobility lived in posh households. Thus, the opulent continued getting richer while the poor became poorer.

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The suffering of many Americans also played a role during the Gilded Era. Thus, American farmers faced significant labor conflicts, and industrial workers suffered from low wages and long working hours in sweatshops that were hazardous and even deadly. Therefore, the industrialized workforce and farmers were not involved in the development of the nation. Consequently, people were also angered by the hardships in their lives, which manifested itself in the street protests against the upper class and even in the attempts to form vigilante groups. 

Furthermore, men were especially affected during the Gilded Age, which led to them being thought to have lost their respect for manhood. Men started getting involved in prohibited societies like boxing clubs, which was considered a terrorist occupation. Men shifted to office work during the Gilded Era, as they feared the wars taking place in outdoor jobs. They did not want to get involved in the wars, hence the job shifting that was considered to lessen their manhood.

New York security engaged its proceedings in commanding and spreading heinousness suited to the overwhelming collection of immigration, which was unfamiliar in the 1850s. Frank Evanhoe believed that strikes represented the harsher realities of real life.  Assassinations were rampant during the Gilded Age Era. For example, President James Garfield was assassinated by a citizen who sought for a position in the federation. 

The Periodical of the Gilded Phase and Liberal Era 5 discusses various events that happened during the Gilded Age. This apportion was reasonable, nimble, and contrastive inter exchange where plentiful American cities informed a parcel at a large uniform saunter of advanced New York. The book states that the Gilded Age witnessed major crimes and, as a result, there was increase in prison population. Among the crimes mentioned were gambling, racism, and slavery. It also highlights several work challenges that were being experienced by employees. 

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This book is effective in giving a detailed account of the factors that contributed to fraud and greed during the Gilded Age. It clearly states that some of the factors that led to these social vices included business activities and capitalism. The journal highlights some of the causes of social vices such as fraud and crime. From the book, it is evident that greed was closely linked to discrimination and by studying how minority groups such as African Americans were being treated. In 1850, the quantity of wage hands for the first time surpassed the amount of slaves; and by 1860, the amount of pay employees beat the number of freelance. Static, for most actuality part of the salaried class, was not a perpetual condition , and throughout the 1850s, resourceful Yankee sharecroppers on the Illinois prairie began to go into debt. It was something that yeomen farmers only did under duress. 

“The Incorporation of America Today” journal article acknowledges that although the Gilded Age was characterized by economic sabotage and various cases of fraud and labor violence, it was a very important phase of American history. This period was characterized by economic inequality among Americans. The result of this was that while some minority groups continued to expand and become wealthy, a large section of the population remained poor and this greatly affected economic developments. The long term impacts of this was that there was the increase in crime rates, and this forced the government to adopt more strict measures to manage and control security, causing the conflict between the old and the new ways in America.

This article is effective in portraying the Gilded Age as one of the darkest periods in American history because it acknowledges that farmers lost their money and businessmen faced the competitive forces of the monopoly markets that were facilitated by the corrupt machine politicians. This source will be important in this research because apart from outlining the events that occurred during the Gilded Age, it discusses how this era had led to the making of America and why it is an important lesson for the country. The acknowledgement that the Gilded Age may be very educative for present and future because the current generations have much to learn from them. The two quotes that would be used from the source to contextualizing the trial include: historians take this place as an important turning point for America  "Union" may no longer seem a viable alternative to incorporation. Compromised by its own history of segregation and exclusion by color and sex, its recurrent embrace of chauvinistic nationalism.  Lastly, the cruelty element flourished in the period of 1850-1950.

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