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Tor Film Review Example

Every culture has its legends, myths, and stories about heroes performing miracles with their special abilities. The ancient people believed in their legends and worshiped gods and heroes from the myths. It is still a question of whether these tales were true or just existed in the minds of our ancestors.

Thor is the Scandinavian God of Thunder. Furthermore, he was believed to be a protector of mankind. At that time, the people wholeheartedly believed that Thor was real and could protect them. Therefore, people worshiped this God. Thor seems to be an impressive hero in Scandinavian Mythology. There are various movies and cartoons telling the story of Thor. This paper will discuss the movie Thor and the representation of the myth in it. 

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Thor is a compelling and entertaining superhero film directed by Kenneth Branagh and written by Zack Stentz and Edward Miller. The cast include Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Heddleston, Stellan Skarsgard and others. The movie was produced by Marvel Studios in 2011. It tells the story where Thor’s father throws him to the earth as a punishment for being too arrogant and resuming the war with Frost Giants (Branagh). 

I have heard that Thor is an exciting movie to watch. Furthermore, I realized that the film represents the old myth about the people living in space. There are many intriguing scenes from space to enjoy. I got very engaged when watching the film. The movie is tightly connected with my life in many aspects. For example, it illustrates the higher forces that exist in distant galaxies. I also believe that we are not alone in this world, and there must be some other kinds of creatures living in other galaxies. The film shows the way these creatures might look like. Its portrayal of aliens enhanced my beliefs in creatures living far away in space. I used to believe that a tale about Thor is merely a myth, however; it could have been a real story that happened in the past. 

There are many similarities between the mythology used in the movie and what we read in the lessons. Thor is a God from Norse mythology.  As in the movie, Thor is represented as the God of thunder. At the same time, he is the defender of the Asgard and the king of gods. He is unbelievably strong, and therefore, no one can compete with him. He has a magical hammer, Mjolnir. For Scandinavians, thunder was the embodiment of Thor at that time. He used his power to slay giants and his enemy Jormunagand. However, once, when Thor was fighting with giants, he and his friends got attacked by the monster. Fortunately, Thor managed to kill the creature by making a hole in its back throat (McCoy). 

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Besides, there are many differences between the movie and the story. For example, in the movie, it was not mentioned that Thor is God in charge of rain who can send rain on crops to make them grow faster as it is written in books. Thor did not ride on his goat chariot. Instead, he used a traveling machine or simply flew to reach the desired destination. Another difference is that he was not wearing a belt to gain power but once he had his Mjolnir, he received a full dress that gave him his full strength. Moreover, there were some differences in the plot. When Thor was fighting the giant Jormunagand, he was not trying to abandon the monster when he was fishing, Thor killed the creature when he was fighting with the giants. As it is usual with movies, many scenes were not included in the plot. For example, a scene where Thor had to fight his way through the security to get to his hammer. However, many other events were illustrated to make the movie more engaging and exciting to the audiences (Hojbjerg).

The film with its similarity and dissimilarity enhanced and simultaneously detracted me from engaging with mythology. For example, I was disappointed when comparing my imagination of Thor with his portrayal by the movie hero. However, seeing him powerful and majestic holding his hammer made me be more engaged with our readings. I highly recommend watching this movie as it is unusual and fascinating. At the same time, the film skillfully combines the mythology with our modern world and its technologies. It shows the way the old legends have influenced many aspects of our lives. For example, Jane is doing her research on the myth. Her father read this myth when he was young. These examples prove that the movies are trying to connect the mythology to lives of different generations. Even if we do not believe in myths, they still affect us in many ways. Moreover, many names of different companies have been copied from the myths. Therefore, we are connected to the mythology, however, not as much as the people were in the past. 

The mythological story is well represented in the movie Thor. It is an interesting movie to watch and learn about the myth. Although there are various differences between the myth represented in the film and the legends in the books, it is still exciting and informative to watch. The movie makes you understand more about the people’s beliefs in the past.  Moreover, there are good lessons to learn from this film.

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