“Super Size Me”

Jan 10, 2019 in Film Review

Film Review Super Size Me

The Documentary About Junk Food in America

The food industry in America became one of the most discussed problems as the American citizens suffer from poor quality of food in their country, and therefore it influences their health. The main problem is that food industry in America does not follow many ethical standards while producing a food; hence, it increases diseases and even causes deaths of people who eat this food. The main goal of food manufacturing companies is to get the profit and sell as much as possible in order to increase the quality and produce organic food. In the modern America, the problem of obesity and bad quality of food became a burning issue, and many people as well as government make all possible efforts to prevent negative consequences of this issue. “Super Size Me” has changed the understanding of junk-food. This documentary became extremely popular all over the world since it shows what dangerous effects junk-food has on society.

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“Super Size Me” is documentary directed by American independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. The main idea of the movie is to show how junk food negatively influences health and reveal the main problem of American food industry. During 30-day experiment, Spurlock ate only McDonald's food. Before this experiment he was healthy and sportive man, however just in a month he had 13% body mass increase and cholesterol level of 230. Consequently, he gained 11, 1 kg. In addition to overweight problems he also faced various signs of health deterioration, such as sexual dysfunction, fat accumulation in his liver, and mood swings (Lee). This movie became scandalous and brought fame to its director. Moreover, the movie was Oscar-nominated.

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Obesity is a widespread illness in America, and in comparison with other countries, this medical condition became almost epidemic in the United States. The problem consists in the fact that obesity causes not only personal difficulty and inconvenience, but also various dietary diseases, such as diabetes, heart troubles, hypertension and a lot of types of cancer. The main trouble is that America suffers from low-quality food, and people suffer from various diseases caused by poor quality and not natural products, which provoke cardiovascular diseases, overweight and many other medical conditions. In most cases, overweight of American people is caused not by unhealthy lifestyle, but by low-quality products in the food market. The food people eat reflects their life and health; thus, prosecution of profit of the food industry representatives can lead to damage of all country (“Our Failing Food System”).

Media plays an extremely vital role in the modern society and influences human understanding of the surrounding world. For example, people smoked much more in the past than today as most people did not recognize the danger of smoking. Awareness of this danger came only when the media highlighted all possible negative impacts of smoking. Junk-food is a symbol of America and many people in the past even did not know how dangerous fast food is. The media can have a subconscious influence on people’s mind (Lester, Hutchins). For example, the media can impose an unhealthy way of life. Today, junk-food industries promote their unhealthy products through advertisements. Since most of fast food companies promote their products, it motivates people to buy fast food. Television commercials promote unhealthy food neglecting the fact that it causes sky-high rates of obesity. Instead of promoting healthy food and active lifestyle, media promotes different kinds of equipment designed for overweight people. This movie was first to show all the real facts related to junk food, and deplorable consequences of its consumption.

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The main benefit of the movie is that its director showed the negative impact of McDonald’s food in practice. The motion picture was made in documentary genre, however, director also used such technique as personal video diary that brings the opportunity to hear thoughts of investigator and see the changes, which happened to him due to this experiment. Another major aspect or technique of the documentary is shocking approaches in the way f directing. Since, the experiment is conducted on director during the movie, it is possible to see from the inside how terribly junk food can influence health. In addition, during the movie, director communicates with junk-food consumers, and even in some cases, behaves in an aggressive way. The main idea of the movie is to show the negative side and danger of fast food products, and this spontaneous aggression directly proves the harmfulness of such food. He makes interviews with people involved in the food industry and communicates with victims. Spurlock also uses special techniques of shooting in order to show only real facts; thus, some scenes are too realistic, however it helps to realize all the danger of fast food consumption.

In conclusion, “Super Size Me” is a thought-provoking documentary directed by the American independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock. The main idea of the movie consists in showing how the unhealthy food negatively influences health and what huge disadvantage is hidden under a mask of bright and famous American food industry. The movie helped the modern society to understand the negative effects of the junk food which is extremely popular today. The main advantage of “Super Size Me” is that its director shows the negative impacts of fast food on his own experience. Deceptive food industry is a large problem in the modern world, so that the movie highlighted the danger of modern food through real acquaintance with this challenge.


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