It’s Elementary

Feb 4, 2019 in Film Review

Movie Review It’s Elementary

Proper Education of Children

Every single family with little children comes across with a simple question: “How was I born?”. Some parents invent different stories, which bring up a positive attitude to having children, and some tell the truth because they strongly believe that such a “secret” a child has to be shared with his or her parents, than with someone else on the street. However, it is not only one question. Sooner or later kids start to ask about gay couples. That is why the movie “It’s Elementary” was launched. It suggests a proper education of children to avoid homophobic behavior towards gay people.

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As for me, it is the right choice to educate a child to be tolerant of everyone. In fact, this movie can be applied to moral education, as well. In my opinion, it is important to teach children “to walk in someone else’s shoes”. What is more, children are eager to copy adults, and it is usually some bad habit. In addition, children simply do not know such things as tolerance, democracy, and morality in general. Therefore, it is supposed to be a constituent part of children’s upbringing. However, some people hold the opposite opinion.

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In general, some people strongly believe that kids should not be told about sexual and homosexual issues because it spoils their moral basis and increases their possibility to become homosexual in the future. In accordance with such opinion, children have to form their opinion on their own when they get mature and none of the opinions should be purposefully suggested for kids’ conviction. On the contrary, I do not think so, because such an issue has a moral background, and a negative attitude towards homosexuals may lead to homophobic behavior of a child. The main point of tolerant upbringing is not directed particularly at the respect of certain minorities, but it is focused on the formation of humanistic values.

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