The Comparison of Romantic Comedies

Jan 8, 2019 in Comparative Essays
Free Comparative Essay The Comparison of Romantic Comedies

“Hitch” by Andy Tennant and “10 Things I Hate about You” by Gil Junger

Recently I have watched several romantic comedies, but two of them especially appealed to me as outstanding examples of this genre: “Hitch” (2005), directed by Andy Tennant and “10 Things I Hate About You” (1999), directed by Gil Junger. Further on I am going to compare these two films, drawing parallels and outlining differences between them.

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Alex “Hitch” (Will Smith) has a very special profession; he is a “date doctor”, helping quite ordinary young men to charm young ladies. Ironically, he falls in love with a pretty journalist, Sara (Eva Mendez), whose task is to uncover a mysterious “love doctor”. While helping Albert to charm Allegra, Hitch realizes that most of his clients were successful not due to his advice, but because they were merely themselves with the women they loved. When Sara uncovers Hitch, they break up, but soon realize that their love is stronger which makes Hitch leave his profession and devote time to his mate. The movie is a high-style American romantic comedy of regular duration (118 minutes) that keeps viewers charmed by the excellent play of high rating actors – Will Smith and Eva Mendez – from the beginning till the end. The film’s rating is 6.3/10; it received appreciation by critics for the warmhearted atmosphere that it leaves behind.

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“10 Things I Hate about You”, unlike “Hitch”, is oriented at younger audience and represents a modern version of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”. If Smith and Mendez were already well-known stars in Hollywood, Julia Stiles (Kat) and Heath Ledger (Patrick) woke up famous after this film. Like in “Hitch”, Kat also has her “love tutor”, her sister Bianca, who is interested in Kat’s having a relationship, because she will be allowed to date only after that. Similarly with “Hitch”, a love agreement takes place here, as Joey asks Patrick to date with her sister, so that she could do the same with Bianca. Likewise, there is a misunderstanding when Kat comes to know about this agreement, but, again, the two young people, Kat and Patrick, forgive each other and realize their love. This film is also a high-style American romantic comedy. Every minute of this movie keeps a viewer in suspense about how the relationship between the protagonists will develop. Despite the fact that the plot is also quite predictable, the excellent play of Heath and Julia make it very enjoyable, especially for teenagers. The film’s spirit, as well as the charming music, create a very special atmosphere. Critics appreciated this film and gave it #49 in Best High School Movie rating.

The two films considered in this paper have a lot of things in common: they are both romantic comedies with quite predictable development of plot, where the two people fall in love, pass through some obstacles, and, finally, rejoin. However, the key differences are the audience at which each of the films is oriented, the cast (consisting of young actors or the ready-made stars), and the plot (close to modern American life or modified from Shakspeare’s classics).

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