Pragmatic Aspects of Different Films

Jan 8, 2019 in Comparative Essays

American Love Comedies Essay Sample

American Love Comedies Essay Sample

One of the recurrent topics of the American love comedies is a pragmatic person being transformed because of some love affair in their life and one special person they meet. Even though there is a long list of films shot by the same scenario, in this essay, only two of them will be discussed. Those films are Hitch and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, and although they seem to be similar in plot, they have some drastic differences in scenes and twists of plot.

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First of all, even though the film Hitch, which is about a pick up master facing the challenge of winning over the girl, appears more realistic and not as romantic at first sight, there is a substantial number of highly romantic episodes and twists of plot that grasp the attention of an ordinary viewer. Firstly, those are the episodes of the first date of Will Smith’s hero with the one and only girl, which strike the audience by being absolutely stunning and breath-taking, as well as well-though and well-planned. Secondly, the main hero, despite of his macho status and appearance, behaves quite clumsy and gets in a great number of comic situations, one of which is with his jacket getting stuck in the car and being torn apart. However, as every romantic story, this love plot finishes with a positive end for every person involved in those misunderstandings and twists of fate.

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The second film also deals with pick-up, but it deals with sustaining relationships on the first stages. Furthermore, contrary to Hitch, the film How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days features a girl starting a relationship with a man and doing everything possible to ruin it, while the man is trying to do his best to avoid break up and maintain the relationship status. They create a range of comic and hilarious situations by driving each other crazy. Even though this film started out romantically, it turned into a nightmare for the man involved in that relationship.

Both films present a typical plot of every romantic comedy, but behind this light-hearted mask, they also depict problems that couples can expect on the first stages of their relationships. Furthermore, those troubles are quite typical and can be easily avoided. Both of these films present them in an easy to grasp manner and seem to be great leisure films to spend the evening with. Moreover, they combine pragmatism, irony and self–criticism, which are crucial in everyday life.

To sum up, both films live up to viewers’ expectations presenting love stories as promised. Nonetheless, the plots of the films turn a banal situation into a sequence of funny and entertaining events providing a great leisure activity for the whole family. What is more, they present problems in relationships that can be avoided, and in this manner, they perform a teaching function as well.

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