Liang Heng’s Son of the Revolution

Feb 21, 2019 in Book Review

Book Review Sample of Son of the Revolution

Book Review Sample of "Son of the Revolution" by Liang Heng

Life is in constant movement and change; it concerns not only human life but that of different societies, cultures, political systems, and regimes. Change is necessary as without it, there is no step forward. This makes revolutions, social upheavals and coup d’etats inevitable. However, is the change they bring always favorable and reasonable? Does the end always justify revolutionary means? These are some of the questions which hived and swarmed in my head while reading this book, a vivid demonstration of all the horrors social upheavals put people through.

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In his unequal fight against the regime or at least in an attempt to withstand the pressure of the party, the author of the book experienced all kinds of dreads unthinkable of in our modern Western society. In the world of Communist revolution, no one could feel safe; the enemy was always hiding somewhere near, among people, being constantly watchful and vigilant. Why were people so blind not to see the source of danger? The author states the problem: people are too eager to believe and obey, let the leader or the party make decisions for them, and follow the lead. Finally, it was the nation who suffered from its own obedience; families were torn apart, lives were destroyed, everything in the country became tainted with the mark of revolution. The scope of the revolution was enormous, and it was the authoritarian basis of it that made such wide actions possible. Tyranny and violence as well as forceful establishment of the regime at the cost of human lives belong to the crimes against humanity that cannot be justified by any means.

Nevertheless, the book made me think about the unbelievable strength of a human being who, being hardened and tempered by all the hardships, remained intact, unbent, and unbroken. Minds which are free in their nature cannot be tamed or ordered to do anything; they can only be made stronger and resistant to external influence. The fact that the author preserved all his memories and had the courage to share them with people is what humanity should be proud of – an undying symbol of human endurance.

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