It's Our Ship

Oct 23, 2020 in Book Review
Sample Review of the Book "It's Our Ship"
Its Our Ship is one of the best books on leadership. The work outlines different lessons and various decisions that leadership positions presume and how they can be addressed in a straightforward manner. The book explores distinct principles applicable to different industries in an effort to streamline leadership in solving organizational issues (Abrashoff, 2008). The central leadership concepts, involving inspiration of employees, creation of truth-telling environment, and leading by example, overlap the nursing profession as described in other up-to-date leadership articles, and they are applicable to my current and future nursing practice as illustrated in the essay.
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The title of the book is an apt demonstration of what Abrashoff (2008) means by the no-nonsense guide to leadership. The author, a renowned captain, through the command of the USS Benfold, portrays legendary leadership skills inside and outside the Navy. Most of the leadership concepts and tips articulated by the writer through the analysis of various industry leaders are plain and work well for leadership personnel who do not perpetrate tyranny, manipulation, and exploitative leadership strategies.

According to Abrashoff (2008), a leader is a central figure in any organization, and one must clearly state the objective goals of the organization and clarify to the subordinates why the goals matter. To achieve success, any leader should understand the various leadership concepts defined in the book. For instance, the three most vital leadership concepts are inspiring of the team to do their best in an organization, creation of an environment of trust, and leading as an example (Abrashoff, 2008).

In chapter 2, Abrashoff (2008) provides a detailed description concerning the inspiring of people to perform at their best level as a critical leadership concept. An exceptional leader, as stated byAbrashoff (2008), should define excellence and inspire the team to transcend the set limits through an active staff development and training procedure. The motivation of employees is crucial to the success of a company in light of the assigned tasks. Creation of an environment where an organization thrives on trust ensures success to any committed company. In chapter 3, the Author accentuates the principle of trust-building in an organization in the scope of cultivating truth-telling in an organization in order to avoid unnecessary follow-ups and achieve organizational success.

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Similarly, the leader of a group must identify ones own actions in line with the goals and the objectives of an organization as a way to entice others to follow (Abrashoff, 2008).

The tips demonstrated by Abrashoff (2008) concerning the qualities of leadership can receive an application in different fields, including nursing. The book written in the context of the navy offers many different examples of the rewards of good leadership and the misfortunes of bad leadership illustrated as leading the boat astray. The success of the navigation in a nursing fraternity depends upon the captain or the leader on board (Abrashoff, 2008). The aforementioned three qualities of leadership may be favorably applied in the nursing field as well. In addition, the second chapter about buoying up people emphasizes on the quality of inspiring the health caregivers to offer excellent services to their care about patients. The leader of the nurses should encourage the team that they head to always set targets and surpass the goals established by the nursing professional body in caregiving.

Moreover, creation of the climate of trust allows encouragement to leaders in nursing facilities to have an open channel of communication for trust inculcation in service delivery. Trust should be cultivated at different levels in the nursing professional practice in order to ensure facilitation of sound caregiving between patients and nurses.

The leader of a nursing facility ought to demonstrate leadership by example through quick and timely service delivery as a way to reduce the time wastage in addressing patients needs. The goals of the nursing facility should be clearly communicated, and leading by example must be geared towards getting results.

Based on different sources, leadership is a skill cultivated and developed for supplication in all levels of life (Toren, 2015). The concept of putting a team before an individual relates to the concept of leading by example as illustrated by Abrashoff (2008). The team leader should always learn to choose and follow what is good for the team regardless of the personal interests to achieve good results with respect to the objectives of the organization. The leader is supposed to work harder and portray positivity at work more than anyone to fuel motivation in the organization.

Additionally, the concept of communication is critical to an organization since it relates to the notion of cultivating truth-telling as demonstrated in Its Our Ship. The majority of dysfunctions in daily life interactions come from bad communication (Toren, 2015). The learning of effective communication between members of an organization is necessary to ensure that the team works correspondingly in order to achieve the goals and objectives anticipated. Moreover, leaders responsibilities are defined by a set of concepts and qualities geared towards motivating people to get on board and share a vision of an organization (Bednarz, 2013). The inspiring of workers and motivation captured by Abrashoff (2008) is similar to the motivation concept that is necessary for the maintenance of a single vision and effective goal-setting in an organization.

The leadership concepts derived from the book authored by Abrashoff (2008) can be applied in different dimensions of my current and future nursing practice. For instance, my todays working experience can benefit from the principles of leadership at both being led and leading point of view, along with inspiring of people. It is necessary to follow up my leaders to receive the motivation concerning my future endeavors and growth opportunities in my line of practice. Through understanding the concept of motivation and inspiration, my current nursing practice will be enhanced in light of seeking for guidance and inspiration from the leaders in my career path. Through the inspiration, I will strive to become best in whatever nursing role I will be assigned.

My present nursing practice would benefit from the honesty and cultivation of truth-telling leadership concept accentuated by Abrashoff (2008). This quality is healthy for any working environment to avoid misunderstandings and poor work practices in case of failure to recognize a patients issue. Being truthful will shape my present and future nursing practice whereby the number of errors will be reduced to a minimum through seeking for assistance via the open channel of communication.

Similarly, my future nursing practice will benefit from the principle of a leader flying his true colors. It is paramount for a successful leader to set proper standards and always lead by example to achieve the results according to the goals and objectives set by the nursing organization I will join in future. I envision becoming a nurse leader based on and monitoring of my character and organization of team need cultivation. The ultimate goal of being a leader in a nursing organization will be shaped on the grounds of the concepts discussed by Abrashoff (2008), such as importance of unifying a crew to achieve a given end.

In conclusion, the central leadership concepts, involving inspiring of a team, creation of a truth-telling environment, and leading by example apply to nursing practice. Moreover, these principles help in shaping my current and future nursing practice as elaborated in the essay. Abrashoffs lessons can be applied across different groups, and I can encourage people to read the book as much as they wish to improve their leadership skills.

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