China Pop by Jianying Zha

Feb 21, 2019 in Book Review
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The China Pop is a book written by Jianying Zha that exhibits how tabloids, soap operas, and bestsellers have had a great impact on the transformation of culture. Despite the West's perception that China is a tyrannical communist system that has been in the process of transformation through cultural forces. Therefore, I think that the cultural forces have proved to be more liberating, influential, and powerful than political activism.

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If to compare students’ revolutions following the Tiananmen Square defeat and my life experience, it is clear that the governments of various countries have been slow in embracing change in their states. The people who seem to work towards transforming their nations to the better are pinned down by the government. The selfish ambitions of the nation’s leaders drag the country down because of their autocratic leadership principles. The young generation ought to be given the leeway to apply their modern ways of investment and development in order to put their countries at the global level of competition. The citizens should discover the modern methods of innovation without necessarily imitating the developed nations in the world. Any resistance to national growth should be handled with care in order to safeguard cohesiveness. The citizens ought to fight for their welfare for the betterment of their future lives.

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Many nations have failed to stick to their history and principles. They have chosen to emulate the beliefs and cultural practices of other countries despite their diverse ways of life. From my life experience, the countries that are focused are perceived to have numerous ambiguities and contradictions in relation to the Western culture. The countries constantly follow their channel and way of innovation. They refuse to conform to the patterns, cultures, and systems of politics utilized by various nations.

Less popular areas of investments in most of the nations like the field of film-making are the most active in boosting the economy.

In conclusion, the sense of sovereignty in the countries that depend on their inventions and strategies ought to be emulated by other nations of the world. Great nations have made their way to the top economically without following the trend of many countries that choose to imitate the techniques employed by the western countries. The detrimental systems of growth are not always wrong, but, in some instances, they act as a springboard that shoots the expansion of the nation.

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