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15.10.2019 in Admission Essay
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I want to join Yale University because it is a world-leading university, and it is rich in cultural diversity due to the presence of students from all over the world. The institution is also endowed with varied and extensive resources such as the Gutenberg Bible. It has other resources such as the ethos of Yale. The university has also a unique architecture design that has been described as a unique University in America. This will offer an enabling environment for learning and engage in recreation activities. It is my belief that at Yale, I will get the best possible education.

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You have been granted a free weekend next month. How will you spend it?

I will probably be with my extended family at home because we have a family tradition where we meet and reunite as a family.
I will try to rejuvenate myself by going out and watch cricket because it is my hobby, and I wish once to play it professionally.

What is something about which you have changed your mind in the last three years?

People fail in life not necessarily because they did not make enough efforts, but it could be as a result of forces that were beyond their control.
I can be a master of my destiny and determine the outcome of my life irrespective of any challenge that may come my way.

What is the best piece of advice you have received while in high school?

My mentor said to me that integrity is doing what is desirable even when nobody is watching, and I feel that this continues to make me a good person.
My mentor also told me that in life, I can choose to listen to people who motivate me or those who try to bring me down.

What do you wish you were better at being or doing?

I wish I were a politician because a politician has the ability to influence a huge number of people and in so doing; I would make the best policies to improve people’s lives.
I love wild animal’s photographs, and I wish I were a photographer to spend most of my time in the bush photographing.

What is a learning experience, in or out of the classroom that has had a significant impact on you?

I visited a children’s home, and I learned it is good to share with those who are not fortunate in society.
My father taught me not to get tired of doing noble things even when people do not appreciate what I am doing.

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A Life of Optimism

I am a very determined person in life, and I consider myself optimistic. It is an attribute that I acquired in my early days, and it was highly inculcated in me by my parents. Throughout my life, I have come across diverse challenges both as a kid and as an adult. These circumstances have enabled me to take every important aspect of life. I am a person who appreciates the fact that any challenge in life is a learning opportunity. I come from humble family background, and my parents worked day and night so that I get a good life. My optimism has enabled me to dwell on many complex and pleasant events with confidence and comfort. I often accept any of these events as part of my life regardless of whether this experience is bad or good. For example, after graduating from college, I had a very rough time getting employment. I remained jobless for several months, but I never gave up. I could always whisper to myself that it is only a matter of time before landing on a good job. I am the kind of person who believes that life transpires even when we are not prepared for it.

More importantly, I believe that to keep a person going depends on the way one can deal with any circumstance that. I see life as the greatest thing that can ever occur to anyone. It is for this purpose that I believe I have been able to live a contented and successful life. I strongly believe that being optimistic in life brings positive possibilities. It has been a foundation that has led me to my success through happiness. It has been a cornerstone that has built my present life. At my workplace, some of my colleagues at times doubt my leadership by saying that I am very optimistic. However, their doubts have always been solved after emerging successful. In my entire life, I have learned always to listen to my inner self. Whenever I have some doubts about something, I am always eager to let it go. I have been able to realize that in life, what you say about yourself determines whether you achieve something or fail.

From my optimism, I have developed some other traits such as perseverance, confidence, and hope. Hope has enabled me to hold on even during the most difficult times in my life. In high school, I was a little poor in mathematics; however, owing to my hope, I was able to work hard and achieved a good grade. Thorough perseverance also has kept me making efforts to solve difficulties. It has enabled me to persevere even with the most challenging phases of my life such as dealing with people from diverse backgrounds at my workplace. Although being optimistic in some instances, such as in areas beyond my control, remaining optimistic has proved to be worth in my life.

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