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MBA Admission Personal Essay

“The future of the world is in our hands”, that was the favorite phrase my father used to repeat when I was a child. These words were engraved in my memory and shaped my personality to a great degree. They have influenced the key decisions of my life. One of those decisions was to leave my native country, Saudi Arabia, after finishing school. At that time, I realized I could make a difference in the world by fulfilling my business potential. As Saudi Arabia was becoming a booming market for many businesses, I noticed an increasing demand for good marketers. I decided to get the best marketing education possible, so I started looking for a university that provides its students with quality higher education. Hence, I made my choice in favor of San Diego State University.

I realized that studying abroad was a challenge. I had to leave my native country and culture and travel to a foreign one. However, it did not discourage me. Therefore, in 2010, I moved to the United States and started learning English. I attended the American Language Institute at San Diego State University. After a year of studying, I adjusted to the new environment, and was ready to enter the university. To tell the truth, I have felt like home at San Diego State University since my first days there. Teachers have been treating me with understanding and patience. I plunged into the world of marketing, and I really enjoyed it. My majors in Marketing and Finance enhanced my understanding of the world of business. I understood that marketing is, perhaps, the most important department of any business. I recognized the importance of marketing for all companies, in spite of their type and size. In the short term, I would have a high position in a worldwide famous company in the field of Business or Marketing.

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Apart from that, courses in Marketing and Finance have helped me develop my analytical skills, which, in turn, I can apply to other subjects and studying English Language. I hope they would contribute to my further progress higher education course. I enjoy participating in group discussions, debates, and exchange of ideas offered to the students of San Diego State University. Furthermore, during my five months marketing internship, I realized how much I love Marketing. My feeling of being at home here transformed into a strong desire to stay here. Quite unexpectedly for me, I got inflamed with an idea of becoming a professor of marketing one day. I would love to share my knowledge with other students, and be a part of an institution that prepares experts in the field. After five years of being a student at San Diego State University, I do not see myself anywhere else, other than being here.

Therefore, I want to pursue a Graduate Business Degree, as I suppose it will provide me with the knowledge and experience I need to become a teacher of marketing. I am looking forward to the continuation of the study, as I feel I can make a difference in the world with this degree. I believe that lucky coincidences lead people the chances they cannot ignore. I am looking for new challenges all the time and feel I work more efficiently when given independence. Therefore, I think studying at San Diego State University has helped me to discover my inner vocation to teach others. I think it is my way to contribute to the better future of next generations.

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