Nursing School Admission Essay

Jan 17, 2019 in Admission Essay

Nursing School Admission Essay Sample

Application to the Nursing Program of Florida National University

I would like to submit my application to the nursing program of Florida National University. For me, nursing is not a just profession but my inner calling. To be able to help people when they need it is amazing. It means being with patients during their highs and lows, the moments when they are beaming with joy of finally being healthy, and the moments when they hear scary diagnosis from the doctors. Nurses always provide support for the patients and help them with professional assistance, friendly smile, and kind words. Despite common beliefs, nurses are responsible not only for physical but also for psychological well-being of the patients. I love helping people in general and I believe that it is the greatest gift to be able to help people who need it. Studying to become a nurse is not just a possibility to make a career for me. I would like to obtain knowledge that will allow me to do the job about which I am passionate. Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” If I receive a nursing degree, I will never have to work a day in my life, as it is my passion.

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First of all, I posses the ability to be calm in critical and fast paced situations and I know that this characteristic is of great importance for nursing profession. In addition, I adapt to changes fast and easy. I understand that every situation that I will face as a nurse will be unique in its own way, and every patient needs personal approach. My creative approach to life will be of a great advantage when I will have to face challenging issues. All my life, creativity has helped me to find solutions and approaches that were challenging to many people, and I believe that in nursing, this will be beneficial to me as well as my patients and colleagues. I am very diligent and responsible person. Being a team player might be considered a weakness, since nowadays everyone is looking for the leader. However, for nursing, being a great team player is vital.

One thing that I love to do most of all is to learn new things, develop, and grow. I believe that without constant education, the development and further growth is impossible. I love reading books, as they always give me new perspective on life. Recently, I obtained my associates in arts degree of Health Service Administration, and this accomplishment inspires me greatly. I believe that this is an important stepping stone for me before obtaining nursing degree. Health Service Administration degree will provide me with unique perspective towards the nursing education, comparing to the other students in this program.

Since I have obtained the degree of Health Service Administration, I obviously know what I am choosing and what I really want in my life. The decisions that I make are always precise. Continuing my education further, I will have a chance to become the best professional that I can be in addition to the passion that I have towards nursing. People consider me very diligent and prudent person, since no matter what happens, I finish every single task that I have started. I believe that commitment and serious approach are highly important for being a great professional. With my passion and thirst for education, I believe that I will be able to make the difference in this world.

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